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Sleep - a waste of time? Added:24.4. 2010
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Sleep - a waste of time?

Coffee, Red Bull, chocolate bars, coffee, energy bars, coffee, Shock, coffee, coffee … are you familiar to this diet? Then attentive. If you are the driver night lines, but a student who needs to remember as much information as is necessary to keep in mind that sleep is not so clear enemy, as it may seem.

It is said that Leonardo da Vinci had a special sleep. He slept only 15 minutes every four hours, so naspal together just an hour and a half day. Napoleon spent only four hours sleep and Nikola Tesla slept since he was nineteen years old, only two hours a day. Yet all these men wrote history. Why, then, also a student of twenty-first century could not walk in their footsteps?

Not having the full diary today and pursue a rarity. People are trying to save time, where they can, and sleep is offered as a logical first victim. However, there are those for which it is a nice relaxing sleep. The facebook group is „Sleep until the afternoon,“ nearly 100,000 fans and groups of different permutations of „I love sleep“, all the tens of thousands of fans. Another group with a theme of sleep, there are countless. Why is it so important for us?

„Sleep is an effective part bilogicky reduced levels of activity of the cortex,“ defines the state of altered consciousness during sleep Milan Nakonečný in his Introduction to Psychology. „The purpose is to protect cortical cells from depletion of energy, a kind of state of rest. Psychological consequence of the release activity of cortical cells from habitual and situational logic causality prožívaných events that reflected the absurdity of dreams known, but the sleeping body as a neprožívá. "Sleep and dreams it brings, can be a source of inspiration and relaxation. During dreams may reveal different contexts, which we would otherwise be contesting the waking state, and we can with stimuli of dreams lecos understand. Especially from detective stories familiar scene when investigating wakes in the middle of the night with the phrase "I am perfectly clear“. Already in ancient Greece, the dream of manifest to mortals the gods to give them advice. Not for nothing is said in the morning is wiser than evening.

[* Polstar.jpg. (Sleep and dreams it brings, can be a source of relaxation and inspiration photo: stock.xchng) <], *** * Sleep and dreams it brings, can be a source of relaxation and inspiration (photo: Stock. XCHNG) *

This is why sleep and its impact on human psyche more than one try to explore the research. „It's not just that we sleep in some way conserved memories. We do not assume it is in their subconscious dohledáváme sense. Sleep helps to understand our experiences,“ says Robert Stickgold, head of one of the studies on the topic of sleep, from Harvard Medical School, its findings published in the journal Nature. The American team examined how well study participants to remember the connection between words and symbols. They compared how well you lead, if the choice between the two phases of the experiment, we accept the information and reproduction, sleep, with how they managed without any nap. They found that people do better recalling a number of related words after a normal night of sleep than when they were tested in one day. Sleep helps us then to deal with a huge amount of information you can head to the store during the day. The brain is actually a disc that is packed with information, and until it is forced střebávat still new and new data can not be efficiently processed and stored. But if you sleep in „off“, the information is stored on disk and place them again.

What to do before the test or the holy week? To sleep or not to sleep? „Sleep is sort of necessary because the deprivation of voluntary and forced waking leads after several days without sleep to adverse changes in mental activity,“ warns Nakonečný. It is always better to learn rather evenly spread for several days, with a book than spend 48 hours awake. Sleep may be the same for someone unnecessarily occupies a significant part of each day, but it helps the body recover, minimize the impact of life stress and major natural ability to increase concentration and improve memory and coordination, which may be useful in the learning process. For clear thinking, rapid response and creating a memory trace must have enough rest. People meet for quality sleep mentally demanding tasks much better. So why needlessly driving away sleep caffeine and then deal with the consequences of its deficiency products such as ginkgo or lecithin, when good and sufficient sleep can do the same service for free?

But if you still want to cut her daily dose of sleep, do so gradually. Every three days, get up five minutes earlier, during one week, then get 15 minutes and an hour during the month. Make sure that the sleep was good, too nevečeřte bedtime or drink any stimulating beverages, properly ventilate the room and obscure. The better your sleep will be, the less it will need to make the next day to absorb new information and new.

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