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Learning disabilities: how to them in high school? Added:12.5. 2010
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Learning disabilities: how to them in high school?

Dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dysortografie. This is not four spells, but specific learning disorders, in turn failure reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic. At elementary schools with those already familiar, but how are the middle schools? What to do with them at GCSE?

The new methodology ===== ===== in the world

For diagnosis of specific learning disabilities among school students to recently advanced by the same methods as for elementary school students. Over time, however, showed that this was not the best. „We think that such performance in reading, we judged badly because we did not take into account that older pupils are still improving, so what we regard as the compensated output, showed that by far not compensated,“ says Dr.. Jarmila Burešová, psychologist Brno pedagogical-psychological counseling. Team Mgr. Pavla Cimlerové of Central Bohemia pedagogical-psychological counseling, therefore, came up with a methodology adapted to the level of secondary schools. „This battery took some good tests used for younger age and to create standards for high school students,“ explains Burešová.

===== Edit diagnostics

The new methodology is used to diagnose disorders. Whether primary or secondary school, always examine the basic functions of perception involved in the school skills – visual and auditory perception, and graphomotoric vizuomotorika own activities and reading and writing. „The methods are similar and it turned out that better capture some of the difficulties in old age,“ adds Burešová, „read some of the tests are also used in the test for high school students, plus the added text and for silent reading, which is a good idea.“ Among other things, showed that some of the weakened ability to quickly compensate and vice versa other difficulties remain. „For example, the problem remains in the ear for speech, ie auditory analysis and synthesis, phonological awareness or manipulation of the message in mind,“ says Burešová.

===== Access to secondary schools

Information on specific disorders of learning and rises toward the high school teachers. Burešová here praises the preparation of state graduation in relation to pupils with special educational needs: „This did a good job, began to refer to these things and decided that the disturbances at GCSE will be taken into account and that it must be a system.“ Secondary schools now have at hand some rules on how to work with pupils. „Taking into account the need during their studies, should apply also GCSE, the school would be adapted, depending on what the student really needs throughout the study. It should not be that you walk away at the last minute to confirm, because you need more time to writing, "describes Burešová. In short, the assumption of long-term systematic work. "Also, it is all about, not to seek to catch a student that something can not, but rather to allow him to show that something can,“ adds even Burešová.

The main factor is time

How specifically to facilitate students with learning disabilities in high school environment? „In high school, basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic-induced complications and the offset. Errors occur when the student is forced to greater growth or under stress. It can affect only when the conditions to be adjusted – if more time at work, "says Burešová. In practice this means to prolong the period of work, or give a few minutes beforehand to prepare, whether oral or written prior to testing. The teacher can also help with the organization of work, placing instructions in several steps. Does the student writing problems, they may provide teachers notes, which would not make note printed. "The main thing is to give it time and think of it, wherever they work with text, ie not only in Czech, but also in physics at entry tasks,“ says Burešová. May also help efforts to involve more senses – with audioučebnic, movies, additional compulsory reading, highlight text using colored markers or learning with flash cards.

[* Poznamky.jpg. (Assist can involve more senses, eg through audioučebnic, movies, additional compulsory reading, highlight text and learning through the cards photo: stock.xchng) <], *** * Assist the involvement of several senses, eg through audioučebnic, movies, additional compulsory reading, highlight text and learning through the cards (photo: stock.xchng) *

Which go to high school ?

Sometimes we hear the view that the high school or secondary technical school child with a learning disability does not belong. "Every school wants her. At school, where the main focus is through mathematics and physics, would probably not go with you dyscalculia, although sometimes it goes, if only minor difficulties. Selection of study is very important, "comments Burešová. If a student is gifted and dysgrafik, nothing he does not go to school, to be mathematically oriented. Just choose a school where they can use their strengths. Moreover, taking into account the chance of learning disabilities in both the entrance and in the actual study of the now quite large.

The graduation ===== ===== without fear

Under the rules of the new state graduation along with the application for the test will be adults and make a request to adjust the conditions. „The application demonstrates students completed the protocol under examination. The request shall include a recommendation of counseling, including errors that should be tolerated at GCSE, "explains Burešová. The test itself MATURANT can wait a longer time limit or allow various assistive devices – from a special writing instruments, highlighters for dictionaries or laptop. "They should be but those that have used the student during their studies,“ says Burešová, adding that even if the state graduation finally been held, it should work with students with learning disabilities take in this direction.

===== Path to college

Can a student from learning disabilities and successfully complete high school? "It depends on how it is with the overall talent and intellect, and how the disorder is severe. It is definitely a learning disability a heavy burden on working with texts – both the process and to create their own texts. It depends how one is to stand and what field he chooses. From time to time to us by our former clients return to college if they need some support. Most are struggling with foreign languages, with the Czech language was somehow fight, but with foreign languages ​​is difficult. There would still need some help, "says Burešová.

===== Just do not give up

If the fault is serious, it will always be difficult for students. But it depends on the will. „Reedukační methods include seminars focused on specific areas. Decides if a person with this move can be to find a method to exercise, which can protrénovávat problems, "notes Burešová. He continues: "For learning disabilities is an essential thing to take for their individual that does not excuse failure, but more reason to work. Accedes to do so, handle the problem and also will train in difficult situations. Then it is very efficient. Somewhere I read that some large U.S. firms in selecting managers give priority to those who have a "dysfunctional“ because they know that if such a person graduate, able to cope with difficulties. "

Source: interview with Dr.. Jarmila Burešová, psychologist Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre Brno

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