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Slovak students in Brno: 5 biggest gossip Added:30.4. 2010
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Slovak students in Brno: 5 biggest gossip

Do you know what is the largest Slovak city students? Yet Brno. Similar jokes are in the Moravian metropolis nepřeslechnutelné and should be added that not entirely wrongly: increasing from year to year students who arrived for a diploma to us. We will not deal with statistics, focusing instead on the question of how this phenomenon is perceived by the students themselves, whatever their mother tongue any, and what most clichés circulating about this phenomenon.

At the beginning of yet only a few numbers: the total number of about three hundred thousand students in the Czech Republic there are over twenty thousand from abroad. Of this number then two-thirds of students in Slovakia – it certainly is not enough. Probably not surprising that most of them concentrated in Prague and Brno. Only at the Masaryk University, we found about four thousand Slovak students, the greatest interest is in the Faculty of Arts and Medicine. Such a number of people have not overlooked and it is not surprising that the Czech students began to circulate and not very flattering statements about the Slovak colleagues. As such cliches arise? And what is truth in them? Consider the five most common tooth gossip.

** 1) „Slovak students just take up space“ our „!“**

This argument indirectly suggests that students from Slovakia to organize „our“ schools literally raids without their ability to meet the required quality. Bad language should first realize that just like them, and Slovak students had to pass an entrance exam on which they were recruited. Their journey to the study was therefore equally regular. It is, of course, opacity, that Slovaks have their own schools, which they can study – why should they take the place of Czech students? Here we should think about the fact that we live in a democratic country that allows graduate study for anyone who is able to pass entrance examination and then to deal with learning demands. The study at the university has an absolute right one just because it is Czech or Moravian, does not act like religion, ethnicity or even shoe size. The system has set certain conditions which entitle to study, and who this contest is not able to walk, can not blame the successful individual.

** 2) „The Slovak schools simply are not good …“ **

When you get to talk about Slovak students at Czech universities, you can often hear the explanation that the Slovak schools do not reach the quality of the Czech ones. Or even worse: Slovak higher education is in such miserable condition that fresh graduates prefer to flee in droves to the Czech Republic. That would be only part of the truth. Slovak colleagues can (only) to Brno to pull a number of factors. One of them is the desire to study abroad and experience something new and different. Czech Republic in this case is a nice alternative, either because of vicinity of the mother tongue, or for easy passage of such a legislative solution. Czech students each semester depart in large numbers to study stays abroad (Erasmus and others) and does not seem strange to anyone that, for example in Germany or the UK (which are traditionally the most popular country) should be Czechs, too, and also because they are bad for us school. Misa, who is studying Arts at the Masaryk University, adds one more reason: „When I asked my Slovak colleagues why they went to study with us and not be in Bratislava, they told me that it's because of the quality disciplines. Some fields in the Slovak Republic for example, can not study at all. "Wider range of study programs and that, moreover, still increases every year, is certainly another attraction for Slovak students who can study exactly what they want without having to overcome great linguistic barrier. The last factor that could decide this case without resigned from the court to vague "bad Slovak schools“, is the role of prestige. Diploma of Masaryk University (or of Charles University) has – especially in some areas – a lot of weight and can attract students and real „capacity“ to lecture on these subjects. For Slovak universities it can be an interesting challenge.

** 3) „The Slovaks do not appreciate what is Czech, a misuse of our benevolence!“ **

The need to pass entrance exams, we have seen earlier. What, therefore, it should consist of abuse? Does this mean that Czech schools set for Slovak students of other conditions? Yes, it is true that Czech university students from Slovakia is increasing. Witness the advertising campaign, the Slovak Republic or a courtesy, Masaryk University, which allows sit an entrance exam in Bratislava and Zilina. But this can only mean one thing: Czech universities have finally understood that they are attractive for Slovak students, and like the best place to offer their land. Then it depends only on the candidates, whether they are willing to adequately prepare and convince their qualities. This is again the same principle of natural competition, which we mentioned. Assess whether the Slovaks appreciates the fact that you can study, it is really tricky. Firstly, it is not a special privilege: Czech schools are open to all foreign students, for many, but most of the basic complications of the Czech language. Adequate number of courses in English, for example, is still missing. On the other hand, we can consider whether you yourself Czech students adequately weigh the possibility of studying the quality of Czech universities, without having to pay tuition. Especially in light of the recent affairs of titles about fraud and diploma works is the current topic.

** 4) „Slovaks nadržuje with us, it does not do much …“**

It is remarkable, but even with such a view, you may encounter: to say that the Slovak students in our discriminating, teachers measured them with others here and there by subway and his eyes narrow at some deficiency. The question of an objective assessment of the exam will be open about the subject, as long as colleges exist. Each student is likely to ever encountered by trying to sleep badly or simply sat on someone. Even academics are just people. In addition, particularly students who were unsuccessful in the exam, likes to find reasons for his failure. Each difference – such as national – is the right offer. Misa points out that the excellent results of Slovak students may start elsewhere: "Generally, I find, but it just lay the feeling that by being in another country and be with us as if to re-create their own identity, a greater tendency to give that school and have better benefits, because they feel some sort of responsibility towards the Slovakian label and none of them wants to get the impression that not only it's poorer countries, but there are also stupid … They do not want students to support one of those clichés. " Greater commitment to study can also be forced by circumstances: a study for Slovak students at Czech schools paradoxically rather difficult. Although the Czech most easily understood, after all it is for them a foreign language from which the specific terms or phrases must always translate. When writing or lecturing work presentations, then they may hesitate over what the term actually used to stay faithful to their language and yet not commented unprofessionally. Some will prefer to reach the Czech language, which is doubly challenging.

** 5) „Slovaks support their own behavior themselves a bad reputation“ **

They are too noisy, lively, messy, disrespectful … and dozens of other „features“ that will appear whenever it is necessary to define to someone who is different for humans, different. Many people would not think you are so considered, when something is different, we easily notice but what bothers us. As with all other cases, but any generalization smacks of dangerous xenophobia. Of course, there are also individuals who are below the so-called cutting the branch. Iva, a graduate of the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University, mentions such a case: "Only bothers me when a Slovak, who is working or studying in the Czech Republic, Bohemia, and curses on everything Czech considered worse than Slovak. A person with such an approach should, in my opinion, better stay home. Fortunately, I met these people just a few. "Would that even preconceptions students declined on all fronts.

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