The FIT BUT, students learn to present Added:21.4. 2010
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The FIT BUT, students learn to present

On Tuesday 13th ** ** April 2010 held at FIT BUT workshop for high school students to the program by the Junior Achievement Student Academy. The theme of the Academy, organized by JA with Vodafone Czech Republic and the Vodafone Foundation and the Czech Republic, the time **. ** Presentation Skills

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Students are actively involved in the program prepared for them by Mrs. Monica Hovorková, vice president of brand and communications with Vodafone Czech Republic. The event was primarily to prepare students for presentation at the competition ** Best Student Society JA **. „We are very pleased that this event took place at our faculty and we'll be very happy to welcome additional workshops for students“, says public relations manager, FEEC, George Wagner.

Regional finals will be held again at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT 31st May. This event should arrive around 200 students from secondary schools.

Source: Press Release

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