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Catch up. I study in combination Added:2.5. 2010
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Catch up. I study in combination

„For all the time …,“ such a tune could become the anthem of the combined study. Squeeze job, family, friends, interests, and the school day is often čtyřiadvaceti­hodinového superhuman task. It's possible at least in part, a quiet mind?

Students combined the fields is always at least two very time-consuming activities in which to invest the amount of energy. Every day must be filed by a stable work performance, or to attend regular lectures and seminars of their full-time study while at home manage to concentrate on the performance of other school work and learning the new curriculum. Pressure to increase efficiency and speed as well as requirements for psychological and physical condition. "I studied the field of Public Administration at Masaryk University in Brno. Time it took me a lot. At least half time, fell free to school. The interest was left almost no time, the family also has been frustrated, "says Milan Laryš.

Holidays ===== ===== employer and support

The work of many people could do, but accommodating employer can agree to certain concessions. "I chose to study without a weekend of teaching, which I fundamentally affect the weekend activities. Due to the benevolence of the employer can during working hours, which he later napracuji, attend classes, "says Ms. Hana Vlasakova. This way you can find the time not only for itself but also to attend the examinations. In addition, if dovzděláváte in a field in which the work, it is likely that your employer will support. The second and most painful option – useable during the exam period – the enrichment of knowledge to sacrifice a few days of vacation. A well-timed with the right motivation and active approach may be a viable solution to pass smoothly into the next semester.

Learning to effectively ===== =====

Time can be saved even in the very process of learning. The basis is to find your own style and create your own system. That means covering all the factors that may interfere with or distract learning and vice versa to find the ones that help. You can start from the time of day, some are better taught in the early morning hours, others need to just focus the night darkness and silence. It pays to learn in a place where you really do not disturb anything, there is every minute is precious. On the other hand, it is necessary to remember the regular rest and relaxation to calm even the moment when you feel that you have the letters in the head just do not.

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* Are you unable to?-Time studies may be a solution (photo: stock.xchng) *

In the actual preparation of the time pressure prefer detailed knowledge of the framework. The summary of the test will not go to failure. For details, you can always go back if there is enough time. Learn above all, what is really necessary and what is required for the test, with what is also not stay up too.

Fixed Plan ?

It is recommended that work regularly on the basis of the established timetable, and because once the get out of rhythm or postpone a task, the work you will buy and will also be difficult to let go of it. "The worst thing is to force to do something and not keep up at the last minute. Before the last date of submission is most everything else aside and complements the backlog of blended learning, "says full-time student and part-time study Chmelikova John.

But there are types of students, who without burning time and can not do anything for them, the impact energy more efficiently. To be forced to learn in the course of the semester or before the day before the test, try to use this trick myself. Take exactly a limited time for learning, after which make an appointment, lunch with friends or volleyball practice – ie anything where you have to come at any given time. This can create a feeling of pressure and incentives that will soon be waiting for something more enjoyable than an open textbook.

Interests aside, but not quite

„At the friends and interests, the study shows lower frequency of joint activities,“ Mrs. Pines Vlasakova. Part of free time goes sideways on a combined study. Its activities, however, do not resign and neither should you. Human head and body just needs to relax. If you have a little time off, enjoy it well. Incorporate a regular sport, cultural or any other activity into your time schedule and at all costs to try to keep it. Therefore, they forget all the other problems. With a clear head, you will be better and work faster.

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