The Special Field: General Linguistics Added:26.4. 2010
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The Special Field: General Linguistics

Do you have language talent? Would you like to be in college to develop, but it is difficult to determine for a particular language? Or conversely you want your studies to support a particular language insight into how languages ​​work in general? Then in the group then please to perhaps not very interesting name, but with a more interesting findings. Note: Article was updated third 5th 2010 (LK)

According to The Economist magazine has the most difficult language in the world and 150 genera. What a difference in the normal course of communication is compared to our male, female and middle family, you can hardly imagine. How can it look like in practice? For example, the phrase „DIGA ape-wi“ means „boy play football,“ spokesman because he himself had seen. But the phrase „ape-hiyi DIGA“ means say the same thing, but the spokesman could not see the boy, but it provides, writes The Economist. Each can be related to its particular genus, every grammatical form expressing a position on the color vyřčenému. Czech Gold! Here you can manage intuitively, but it is also our mother tongue incredibly complex system full of rules and exceptions. This is the case with all languages, but many things have in common. If you are not satisfied just using language but also their desire to better understand, can you bring the study of general linguistics as a theoretical insight into the world of linguistics, as well as a great springboard for learning other languages.

Contents === === study Terminology such as „The formal syntax of the Slavic languages“, „Renovation praindoevropštiny“ or „Algebra for linguists“ probably deter most readers, but it is interesting courses in which students gain insight to the core of human communication through speech. Oriented courses are taught on the phonology and phonetics, linguistics, history, overview of world languages ​​and exploring the psychological and social factors that influence the use of language. The course is also for us to study exotic languages ​​such as Aramaic, Hebrew and Sanskrit, so that students can touch and neindoevropské languages.

. <> * *** Even our mother tongue is an incredibly complex system full of rules and exceptions (photo: Stock. XCHNG) *

Graduates === === Graduates can become a theorist as well as scholarly practitioners and scholars as students of other languages. Perspective seems to link linguistics with computer science – graduate can assist the development of electronic and machine translators working with the language. Above all, however, really practice their thinking and improve their judgments in logic and problem solving, a skill that applies in all areas. „No chance to say that besides the study of mathematics is a theoretical study of the language that effectively develops the student's inte­llectual ability,“ writes pages at Charles University.

Admission test === === Type the entrance examination is based on the university to which the applicant wishes. Masaryk University as most of their fields of study requires passing the test assumptions. Charles University has its own problem. Admission interview examines whether the potential student understands the structure and function of native language and selected foreign language you use. Also presents an overview of language and reading biography. The Palacky University is a prerequisite for acceptance of completed bachelor's degree, primarily because the study of this field is offered only at the master's degree.

Where to study?

„Charles University“: (two-field Bachelor degree)

„Masaryk University“:…k/frame.html (bachelor and two-field single-subject study)

„Palacky University“: (only Master's degree)

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