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How to improve your memory and concentration? Go out through the stomach Added:19.5. 2010
Updated:12.3. 2013
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How to improve your memory and concentration? Go out through the stomach

In the world there is perhaps no universal remedy to guarantee a boundless concentration, alertness and memory, one hundred percent. However, there are ways this almost ideal situation, after which time the tests many hungry students, at least a little closer. The following article will tell you what to eat and what diet would rather delete the other hand, give you a better thought.

Counters shops, pharmacies and drug stores now literally overflowing with stacks of various plant, recognizing the positive effects on memory or concentration. Many of the useful substances, minerals and vitamins, these preparations include, but are also found in common foods. Why, then, teach one, and while still good, and especially meaningful nenajíst?

How best to feed the brain and nerves

Glucose ==== ====

The learning brain works and the entire nervous system into overdrive, and it is therefore necessary to properly nurture. The proper functioning well they serve mainly to „quick energy“ in the form of glucose **. ** Because glucose created by splitting the majority of carbohydrates, our body with proper nutrition usually suffer from lack. The lower blood levels can indicate to be fatigue, hunger and general body weakness. Then it is time to add a little bit. It is ideal at this point you should put a banana, grapes, bread and oatmeal, at lunch time, then try as a side dish potatoes, pasta or rice. This selection certainly do better than if the lack of sugar will try to compensate for a chocolate bar. Excessive intake of sugar, it results in tooth decay, contributes to diabetes and overweight or obesity, not to mention. What's more, foods high in sugar (ie, high glycemic index), paradoxically, cause a rapid drop in blood sugar and again leads to fatigue and hunger.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3350/ba­nan.jpg] / / Bananas are not only a good source of quick energy, but also many other valuable nutrients (photo: stock.xchng) / /

Fatty acids ==== ====

The term „fatty acid“ is very broad. Among those in our nervous system such as ** the most beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids **, for example, which can be found in the plant (sugar beet, sunflower and soybean) oil, in semíncích (such as pumpkin, pine, sunflower, sesame, etc.) nuts (most of them contain walnuts), but also should not have much flavor in an attractive marine fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in meat, salmon, mackerel, herring and trout). Not only for this reason it is appropriate to eat seafood two to three times a week.

Vitamins ==== ====

That our nervous system may also benefit from some vitamins, perhaps not surprising. They are mainly those of the group ** B ** (and they especially B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid). All of us are fortunately relatively easy to reach because they are in a wide variety of foods. So if you're downright opponents eating the viscera (eg liver) or yeast, then it surely enjoy. „B“ but is also necessary in the whole-wheat bread (because it contained the seeds oily), meat, legumes, milk, leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs and many other foods. Other vitamins that are definitely needed to complement our nervous system, include vitamins C **, E ** Beta Carotene (provitamin A) and more.

Minerals ==== ====

Among the minerals, for which we thank our brains certainly are in particular iron and zinc. ** ** Iron is found mainly in the most red meat (especially beef and lamb), viscera (liver, kidney), seafood, but also in cereals. beans, eggs, fruits, vegetables and other sources. The meat, cereals, legumes and eggs is also ** ** zinc, but you can also for example in the garlic, some nuts in sesame seeds, cheese, and elsewhere. You would not forget even for a balanced intake of calcium ** ** (its traditional source of milk, but also cereals, nuts or poppy), magnesium ** ** (it contains mainly bananas, nuts, dark leafy vegetables and cereals), * * Selenium ** (you can add that eating nuts, offal and seafood), chromium ** ** (it should be a good source of red beet, brown sugar, as well as berries or yeast) or manganese ** ** (see the especially in cereals, peas, spinach, olives and blueberries).

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3350/ry­ba.jpg] / / Marine fish should be in our diet should occur at least twice a week (photo: stock.xchng) / /

Other helpers ==== ====

Against successfully fights fatigue and our thinking must also positively affects the ** ** lecithin, which is widely found in egg yolks, soybeans, wheat and fish. Its positive effects, but extend much further than the „mere“ strengthening of memory – this is composed of lipid is used, inter alia, as an assistant to lower cholesterol, protects our liver, strengthens the heart and circulatory system, and reportedly also slows down the aging process. Very chanting is associated with improvement in brain function and memory as well **. ** Ginkgo Biloba The most common and most comfortable seating in the form of pills, and tinctures. Even if you got right is Ginkgo biloba leaves, Ginkgo biloba is the Latin equivalent, and you want him to prepare the infusion or decoction, you have to use them really big number to get the amount of active ingredient in the tablets being hidden. But even if Ginkgo biloba are still widely regarded as a power of memory, a 2008 study showed that, for example in the fight against Alzheimer's disease has no therapeutic effect, as previously believed (see DeKosky, ST The Journal of the American Medical Association, Nov.. 19, 2008, vol 300: pp 2253–2262). Stimulators thinking but said we can find in some kind of spices. Most often mentioned in this regard so popular ** ** turmeric, which are a mixture of curry and gives it its bright yellow color.

„Folk“ advice

We knew our grandmother (and many studies have supported the meantime) that a better memory can „wade“ through some fruits and vegetables. The beneficial effects on memory and should be ascribed ** ** forest fruits such as blueberries, blackberries or strawberries, but also need plums **. ** Other sources in this context, for example, refer again ** ** pineapple, peaches ** ** ** or ** grapefruits, which are also a good source of serotonin lowering the risk of stress. The vegetables you eat the most have said there's really green: ** ** brussels sprouts, spinach ** ** ** ** lettuce or cabbage **. ** Often they are also valued the positive effects of garlic ** ** ** or beetroot **.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3350/plo­dy.jpg] / / There is your memory? Pick her in the woods (photo: stock.xchng) / /

When and how to eat

Though it seems, and learning while sitting or lying position requires sufficient energy. If you do not have the ability to concentrate replaces the feeling of fatigue and time spent on piles of papers can be lost. In terms of diet is important not only what you eat but also how you eat **. ** Eat an entire day to be a yogurt and an apple with the excuse of „withdrawal stomach“ is certainly not the best way to good learning outcomes. Nor is it appropriate to feed in the morning alternating chocolate and chips, depending on exactly what you want, interleaved fillet it and keep it drink liters of soda. The correct „student“ diet should contain ** four to six light meals a day **, and more is coming tonight, to move from the more foods rich in sugars (already mentioned fruits, cereals, etc.) to eat more protein in nature ( Fish, lean meat, dairy products). Eat slowly, study materials and set it to the sidelines during a meal. Dinner should be light and eat it, you have several hours until ** before ** you go to sleep, make you fall asleep better. In contrast, fried and fatty foods, you definitely had a time of intense learning to skip even more rigorous than usual. The same goes for hot and spicy dishes, which also have enough stress, irritable stomach will not help too. Individual food should also not be too hot nor too cold. If you have a meal feeling tired and sleepy, then know that it's not just a reflection of your personal information, but can also explain physiologically. Filled stomach requires increased blood flow activity in the abdominal region, while the flow in the muscles and brain is slightly limited. Most of the energy is so concentrated on the process of digestion. After lunch or dinner, so definitely Define some time to relax **. **

What to drink and what not

Also, proper fluid intake, presented ** 2.5 to 3 liters of liquids ** spaced throughout the day, is a very important step to avoid headaches and fatigue. Recommended, however, especially ** ** sweetened beverages such as mineral water, fruit and vegetable juices (preferably not diluted to irritate the stomach), fruit teas without sugar, etc. If you still feel tired after all, could help you a cup of coffee ** or ** ** ** Tea, Guarana drinks ** ** ** or **. mate Another popular, but not very recommended by doctors „death“ are wheeled and genergetické drinks, chocolate or cocoa. All these ingredients contain the ** ** caffeine, tea sometimes called theine as ** ** which has a stimulating effect. But few know that the effects of caffeine are rather short and then we can in turn diminish. In addition, drinking caffeinated beverages especially during adolescence can lead to consequences in the future, in the form of higher blood pressure, susceptibility to heartburn, or osteoporosis (thinning bones). In sensitive individuals, excessive intake too much extra speed and heart rate fluctuate, cause shaking, nausea and even convulsions. So when you decide to drink with the caffeine drink it in moderation, and preferably one which can keep your body and other benefits (such as green or white tea contains many antioxidants and antibacterial). Remember, neither the on-going fluid replenishment bezkofeinových as caffeine tends to have diuretic effects. And if you ask whether the learning is stress or alcohol to help out ** ** the answer – do not. Someone may perhaps be taken as a means to improve mood and stress relief, but sometimes it may be just the opposite effect. In particular, if the stress is stronger, it may be that instead of the desired relaxation can in extreme cases, anxious state of anxiety, nervous tension and depression. The negative effects of long-term or excessive alcohol consumption not only in memory and mental status not to mention.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3350/ka­va.jpg] / / Coffee may help in overcoming fatigue, but everything in moderation! (Photo: stock.xchng) / /

How about stress? Herbs help

It is well known that předzkoušková preparation is inextricably linked with stress. To some extent this is a healthy stress, motivation, but it exceeds a certain threshold, it is better to seek medical advice. Herb lovers will surely please the news that some anti-stress effects can be found in a number of them, such as třezalce ** ** ** ** valerian, mint ** ** ** meduňce or hop **. But be careful, do not always pay the more the better. A good dose of herbs, the frequency of their consumption, but also about which part of the plant and how to use, be sure to consult your doctor or consult the professional literature. During stress is also a good complement protein – in your diet should therefore not be missing at least one serving of food rich in proteins.

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