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Brigade or practice for the summer? Start looking as soon as possible! Added:7.5. 2010
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Brigade or practice for the summer? Start looking as soon as possible!

For many of us summer is still far away. Divide us from his endless training and learning, secondary school or the examination period. But if you expect the holidays except for entertainment and money and earned some valuable experience, we recommend starting with finding temporary jobs or practice as soon as possible!

What you're looking for?

Find a summer job that would suit your needs and wishes, it may be harder than it seems. Before nods to the first offer, think about it, what you want ** **. Need a summer and earn as much as you do not care what job you do? Or looking for more experience in the field? To combine business with pleasure, a lot of fun and something that you earn? Need an important item in the CV? Or will it stretches the boundaries? Designation ** ** own priorities for you at this moment the most important. Secondly, focus on your qualities and abilities ** **. Can good with children? Or rather spend time at „silent face“? Are you attracted to work in nature? To ventilate the brain during physical exertion, or conversely try to communicate with people face to face? Do you mind that you spend half years between four walls? Need to practice my language? All of these assumptions may play a role. Now, however, concentrate on the essentials: ** is little time **. The economic crisis has hit the occasional field work for students very significantly good, and each position is often occupied before picking up the phone. Simply put, there is little work, a lot of candidates. Even though it is still quite a lot to choose from.

A shovel behind the wheel

As already noted, the important thing is, ** what job do you imagine **. Proven „classic“ less attractive positions that are often paid by your performance. Mean that that is perhaps more capacities, and very little sleeping nepobavíte, wallet but you have to fill more and above all – the location of this type of emergency is not now. This category would include brigades in the fast-foodových chains, cleaning work, physically demanding position (interpretation of the goods, helping to build, work in factories or sweatshops), odd jobs, seasonal offers (fruit harvest, park, gardening), work at Cash in the shopping center, goods delivery and night shifts. Among the places that you see now almost ** always **, but which require great patience and a certain amount of self-sacrifice, one addressing various types of passers-by lucrative offers presentations on the street or work in the so-called call centers. Of course there are also positions that are interesting for volunteers. Involve more communication with people and work longer hours, but not so dull and something on them přiučíte. But it is also a greater problem is to find ** **. We talk for example about working in a cafe operator, helpers at festivals, selling drinks and ice cream on attractive locations, childcare, senior position at summer camps and tourist guides or guide for tasting. Maybe but you have higher goals and would like his resume included an interesting experience **. ** Here is an early hunting and great patience on the actual site. Working in the media and large companies may be in high demand, but also to prepare the lengthy recruitment procedures and the possibility of failure. A similar situation is the increasingly popular work abroad ** **. The sooner you start to look the better for you. Whether you dare to au pair, a lifeguard and bartender, expect a longer processing the necessary documents, the initial investment and potential risk (particularly girls, they should always verify the well, where actually going). Today is also a good idea to think about whether to work abroad still financially worthwhile. Experience is priceless, but surely.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3352/hrad­.jpg] Package tours to the castle can be very attractive Brigade


And how did the search for Brigade or practice actually begin? The possibilities are many. You can contact one of the many agencies ** ** to mediate Brigade. Many jobs are also advertised free on the Internet ** ** of job offers themselves are responding. Another option is to bypass the individual sites that you've singled out, and the brigade is to ask directly. If you meet the brigade from last year inquiring about it again. At the end ** ** a few tips for successful searching:

  • Optejte at his friends and acquaintances
  • Build a resume and distribute it actively in selected institutions and companies
  • Make a list of your busy schedules
  • It is always better to respond to as many bids than relying on a single

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