The Zlin Rag invites you spaceman! Added:27.4. 2010
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The Zlin Rag invites you spaceman!

Representatives of the organizing team of the festival JRC Rag ** ** UTB 2010, which will culminate in the fourth ** ** May 2010 at several locations in Zlín, want this event to invite not only all college and high school students, but also the entire general public. And go for it otherwise than as unusual!

On Tuesday 27th ** ** April 2010 it will be seen from 14 hours to work Zlín square and half an hour later at the Peace Square. And as you know? Yet according to an astronaut! He only goes after those places, but will come together with the organizers of the bowels of the local high schools and universities, and leave a flag as evidence logo Majáles TBU.

The event will be even remotely resemble the first ascent of Neil Armstrong on the moon, which has only suggest the overarching theme of this year's Rag Day TBU. This is the last and Oldschool předloňských superhero style to bear the universe and everything that belongs to it. Not only because of the chosen topic so organizers can boldly tempt the stellar cast of musical heaven „(which here will be represented by Xavier Baumaxa, Wow, X Xindl of Dead, Toxique and others), 'ko (s) nomic competition“ or alien "endless fun.

The entire event will take place at several locations in Zlín. One year will be an open stage at the square, except where the music program is also expected King Majáles choice and competition for valuable prizes.

Rag TBU in 2010 for the eighth time this year, organized by students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University, as part of the course Communication Agency. More information about the festival, visit the „“:

Author: Černá, Lucie

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