In Ostrava, Faculty of Medicine, created another Added:28.4. 2010
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In Ostrava, Faculty of Medicine, created another

Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education complied with the request the University of Ostrava (OU) and approved the establishment of a ** ** Faculty of Medicine, in which he turns into the existing Faculty of Health Studies. At the same time the Commission granted the accreditation field ** ** General Medicine, which is crucial for this transformation. / / "It gives us great satisfaction because of the possibility to prepare physicians seeking Ostrava nearly fifty years. The first medical students going on to fall, so in the academic year 2010/2011. Admission to list the field of general medicine in accordance with the Higher Education Act, ie more than one month after receiving the written accreditation from the Ministry of Education, "/ / OU Rector said George Močkoř.

The renaming of the Faculty of Health Studies at the Faculty of Medicine, is just up from the academic year 2010/2011. Headquarters will remain while new faculty in the university campus in Ostrava-Vitkovice. Submission of applications for study of general medicine shall be carried out as expected in June, actual admission procedure would be followed up in July. In the first year of the new medical field should be taken about 80 candidates.

Yet possible medical school in the Czech Republic to study at Charles University in Prague and at its field offices in Pilsen and Hradec Kralove, then at the University of Palacky in Olomouc and Masaryk University in Brno. In Ostrava, was by this time the only teaching hospital, which was not directly connected with any university department.

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