How to choose the right college? Added:26.4. 2010
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How to choose the right college?

Rights, or mathematics? In Prague and Ostrava? And combined, or full-time …? Such questions most candidates run head before they write in a specific field name and school to the fields in the application. If you solve a similar problem as a guide, however, you can serve more of the following points should be at least partially your decision easier.

In selecting colleges can play a role in several parameters:

Hobbies and interests ==== ====

  • Determine your personal and emotional interest
  • Be guided by the particular choice of basic supply industry focus (economic, artistic, agricultural, scientific, medical, technical, social, humanities, etc.)

Instead of studying ==== ====

  • Willingness to act is often several times a week to commute from home, or on the contrary, give up the home environment and move closer to school
  • Is appropriate to calculate in advance including the financial costs of both options, or the time required

Finance ==== ====

Among the main „costs during the study“:…em/index.php?… is to be expected:

Time needed ==== ====

  • If you intend to work while studying, it is better to choose a „combined“:…em/index.php?… or ‚distance‘: / system / index.php? article = 2768 & id = 2551 time students
  • If you know that you definitely want to study to make ends meet, it is better to choose the less time-consuming sectors – among those most definitely not studying courses in technical, medical and other scientific faculties
  • Time-consuming study is particularly high in the first and last years, although it is not a rule

==== Chances of acceptance

  • Most faculty publishes statistics on the number of applicants and the number taken in the Faculty (or field) from previous years
  • It is necessary to take into account the course and admission requirements may change annually, so these statistics may not match the trend of future development
  • Data on the success of the adoption of such faculties can be found on the „division of statistical information and analysis, the Institute for Information and Education“:

==== Job after studies

  • It is good to think in advance if you can (or want) to the knowledge and skills that will offer the chosen school, also in practice or whether you enjoy the profession to which you will
  • At least approximate salaries in different regions and different positions you can find such a Web Salary Calculator ( or on some job boards
  • Information regarding the current number of graduates registered with the office work can be found on the website such as „Integrated Portal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs“:
  • Annual statistics on the application of university graduates also publishes „Education Policy Centre Faculty of Education“:…
  • Useful information on the level of employment, wages and labor market also brings „the Czech Statistical Office“:…prace_a_mzdy

More Questions ==== ====

Among other parameters of your final decision could include:

  • Quality of teaching
  • Supported by a school internship opportunities
  • Possible collaboration with other schools, such as foreign school
  • School facilities, technical facilities, interior capacity, location and availability of schools
  • The so-called „mortality“ of students (the number of those who study for various reasons not finish), etc.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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