Study a foreign language at Czech universities Added:26.4. 2010
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Study a foreign language at Czech universities

With the growing number of foreigners in our schools thanks to the superior language skills of Czech students begin to offer domestic and educational fields to enrich those all taught in a foreign language. Apart from higher education to allow students to gain extra confidence in the use of foreign language in their own field, which will surely appreciate and future employers.

Current bid ==== ====

  • The following fields are present (whether newly accredited, or equivalent to the Czech branch) usually dumped in English, German, exceptionally, their structure and language menu may still new accreditation awarded by the Ministry of Education fluctuate
  • The length varies from one semester of study offered under the internship, complete a study by the State Examination

Acceptance Criteria ==== ====

  • Foreign language courses may be studied by anyone who meets the conditions of acceptance, or other criteria determined by the school, regardless of nationality
  • All Czech universities set their own criteria for admission to study – this is done either through the entrance examination (written, oral or a combination of both), or only on the basis of previous study results. The reason is the limited capacity of individual schools, but also the amount of funds they receive from the state as a contribution to all activities associated with the operation of educational institutions – these include, inter alia, the contributions to each student. The Czech high school because at least not yet received any candidate who logs on to study (as in some branches in Germany, the UK and elsewhere).

Tuition Fees ==== ====

  • Requires schools to „§ 58 of the Law on Higher Education“:…apracovanymi -novella, is a study in a foreign language charge, the final amount of the fees while she decides whether college faculty
  • In addition to the fee for foreign students to study, however, these courses have the same rights and obligations as their Czech counterparts (see the section ** Terms of study at universities in the Czech Republic **)

Useful links ==== ====

  • Act No. 111/1998 Coll. On Higher Education, and amending other laws to the Ministry of Education Web site („here“:…a-c-111-1998 -sb-on-High-synagogues-text-to-have a built-amendments)
  • Center for Higher Education Studies (CHES)
  • Requirements for accreditation of study program / study program taught in a foreign language to the Ministry of Education Web site („here“:…niho-oboru-s- teaching-in-foreign-language)

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