Students with special educational needs Added:26.4. 2010
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Students with special educational needs

Equal access to education in our country is determined, inter alia, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, and excluded it certainly would not even be students with disabilities. With such rights, obligations and opportunities as their studies at our universities connected and where they can find relevant information that you consult the following article.

Who is considered disabled person

  • As the fifth „National Plan for equal opportunities for persons with disabilities“:…pro-osoby-se- of health of people-to-period-2010–2014–70026 — /, valid for the period 2010 to 2014, defines disability as „permanent or long-term adverse health condition, treatment can no longer be significantly improved or completely eliminated. Unlike many other factors that may affect their owner, that this is the situation that is mostly independent of the will of the individual. “

Right to education ==== ====

  • Equal access to education – in addition to general moral principles – the only handicapped student generally guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms CR and other applicable legal standards of the Czech Republic or the European Union
  • Concrete and binding measures in relation to students with special educational needs, which should Czech universities to establish and maintain, are not legally defined anywhere

==== Special Workplace

  • Most Czech universities to establish its own separate department, institutions and other bodies, aimed at satisfying the basic requirements for equal access to education and to assist disabled students in a variety of issues related to studies (this is done, for example, adjusting the award at the entrance exams, treatment of internal school premises, accessing technology, advising, adapting instruction, ensuring assistants, etc.)
  • An overview of special colleges can find sites such as support center for disabled students at university „Helpnet“:…udentu-na-vs

Where to Find Information ==== ====

  • Information about the study conditions for students with handiacpem can find:
  • On the school website in the sections for students with special educational needs or directly on the site these sites
  • In study and examination regulations of the relevant faculty or part of school
  • The school's status, or. the individual measures Rector, etc.

Options based on individual learning plan

  • Students with disabilities may, like everyone else, at some schools to apply for permission to complete one or more periods of study in an individual study plan, its approval and final form, usually decides the Dean of the Faculty

Conditions of admission and subsequent studies

  • Admission of disabled applicants to study and any subsequent university studies is usually accompanied only by such concessions, which necessitates health applicants (in particular the adjustment of the conditions during admission, etc.)
  • In all other respects, in accordance with the requirements of equal access to education and in keeping with its objective conditions for people with disabilities are treated as other applicants and students
  • More about the study conditions, see section ** Terms of study at universities in the Czech Republic **

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