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How to fill out an application at high

Applying for study is an initial but very crucial point in the admission to college, and her proper and correct completion is certainly not to be underestimated. The following overview will advise you how to do it.

The deadline for filing

  • The latest date for submission of „application form“:…em/index.php?… at universities is usually the last day of February, some schools or their components but also accept applications months following
  • If the school still lists some additional round of admission (usually due to unfilled capacity) or was accredited a new branch to be opened in the next academic year will be the deadline for filing should be postponed until September
  • Date of filing means the date on the stamp at the post office at the time, or date of completion of registration on the web (most often timely filing an electronic application and subject to timely payment of a fee, respectively.'s A­doption by the Bank)

==== Filing

Where to find the application form and instructions

  • „Electronic application“:…em/index.php?… can be found directly on the site of a particular school, mostly in the section devoted to study the candidates and „admission control“: http: / /…em/index.php?…
  • An electronic application form can be found most often by the abbreviated term „E-application“
  • In the same sections are also listed conditions zpravdila completing and sending the correct application
  • Completion and follow-up status of your application runs under the assigned identification code or the personal identification num­ber

Application form === ===

  • Electronic application form is not uniform nationwide, but some schools are already using the same system
  • In any case, completing an electronic application is simple, almost intuitive, fast and often have been already set to predefined cell contents
  • While filling is also available to applicants detailed help (some are even designed in the form of an illustrative video)

The fee for an e-application

  • Fees for electronic registration are due to lower time and financial costs of administration associated with the processing of applications is lower than in print, but not in all schools
  • Admission fees shall be paid for each individual application separately, even if it was brought to the same school, only to another branch
  • Also if dvouoborového studies are usually (but not everywhere) make application for each branch separately, as each application is also usually pays the fee
  • Sometimes the way to the post office and pay postage after all can not be avoided, especially in the case that a given faculty requires sending additional documents (medical certificate, proof of experience etc.) – together with them, but most often sends only a shortened version of the application
  • In some schools, however, require sending a printed copy of an electronic application, or its shortened form, in any case – that is, regardless of whether it should include any attachments or not

Printed application ==== ====

Where to find the application form and instructions

  • Printed application form (sometimes for a small fee) at your high school, to study department faculty dean's offices, stationery further example, in the special issue of the daily press or are available for download on the Internet

Application form === ===

  • Often has a printed application form from the form of an orange label SEVT
  • Applicants are the first three sides, and only framed in bold black box, then fill the fourth side of the commission staff college
  • Application shall be filled in capital letters, which must be easily readable, or typewriter
  • ** At 1 side are filled in: **
  • Official names of the selected colleges, faculty, and field study program to which you are applying (you can find on the web including the school)
  • Section „chosen language“ (prints only if you sit an entrance exam in a foreign language and you can choose your language)
  • Personal data and data on completed high school, supplemented by relevant codes of study, JKOV and IZO (previously ID) – they serve to identify the school and its focus and can be found on every report card, among other things (such codes do not have to fill out candidates who do not report immediately after graduating from high school, ie. that passed the graduation examination in the previous school year and earlier)
  • At first hand, also the last part slip vlepuje bills, which serves as proof of payment for admission
  • ** At the 2nd side are filled in: **
  • Information about what grade of school you are applying
  • The benefits according to the annual report at the high school (which is necessary to have confirmed high school)
  • If the candidate does not meet the graduation test, is entered in box IV. half-year mark from the box and leaving the results will remain unfilled
  • V. The column is only for candidates from five secondary schools
  • ** At the 3rd side are filled in: **
  • Date and your signature
  • If required by the relevant faculty, it is necessary to fill the box reserved for medical confirmation
  • If you have previously studied or attended some college or have already worked in the field, which relates to the field to which you are applying, complete the top and two frames
  • ** Attachments: **
  • In a special annex to the application can be closer to divorce your achievements, experience, publications and other activities documenting your interest in the field
  • Attachment to form can also further confirmation from the doctors, if such certificates are required, copies of diplomas or certificates from competitions for linguistic or other test samples of their own works, biography, etc.

The fee for a printed application

  • Fee for a paper application is usually higher than in the case of electronic applications, currently the average fee is 500 CZK, but the amount is depending on the school faculty and may vary slightly

More information on filling in applications such as read „here“:…em/index.php?…, how to fill slip, then „here“: http://www. / system / index.php? article = 2040 & id = 2150th

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