Preparation for entrance exams Added:26.4. 2010
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Preparation for entrance exams

In preparation for entrance exams certainly plays a role in reading literature and other study materials, which recommends itself your chosen college. Valuable items, but you can also bring other circumstances, such as different test trials, the achievements in competitions or just a simple, but early and careful study of conditions of acceptance.

  • Basic conditions of admission procedure to be followed by all schools, provides „§ 50 of the Law on Higher Education“:…11-1998-sb-o- High-synagogues-text-to-have a built-novella
  • Specific organizations and other circumstances of admission, which the law does not provide the full responsibility of a particular school, respectively. its components – so it may course admission to different schools vary greatly

What do you find out before the test

  • When and where exams (this information will come in written invitation)
  • What exactly is the exam (oral or written, different subjects, the extent, recommended literature)
  • What is the exam required (read the list of literature, certificates and recommendations, special equipment)
  • If possible without entrance exams, and under what conditions (average of study, participation in the Olympics and competitions, points for leisure activities)

Where to draw on the preparation

  • „Preparatory courses“:…em/index.php?… individual schools, faculties, and commercial agencies (eg Tutor, Scio, etc.)
  • E-learning courses (e-courses)
  • Proceedings test questions and model (sold in a given school)
  • Sample tests on the website of schools

What else can help

  • Graduate of objects that meet the requirements of the entrance test
  • Work on your own website weaker
  • Expand the general overview (it is also tested)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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