Admission to university: what next? Added:26.4. 2010
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Admission to university: what next?

Each much anticipated announcement of the admission does not mean a great opportunity to rest on its laurels. On the contrary – now the carousel is spinning current university affairs that begin providing accommodation, continue writing and creating a schedule for lectures docházením itself does not end there …

The decision to adopt generally contains

  • Number of points you have achieved in the exam
  • Your order
  • An invitation for entry into the study (date and venue, the exact time)
  • Instructions for enrollment (eg, bring proof of identity, graduation certificate, passport photo, etc.)

How can proceed enrollment

  • You are invited to school to the exact hour, probably by alphabet
  • You will be introduced to the system of study (credit, work schedule, etc.)
  • Receive a report of the study (index)
  • Receive a schedule of upcoming important events
  • Receive your own login name and password into the electronic system
  • Get space for their own queries
  • You can be photographed for the school certificate

What else you should know about registration

  • If the record can not attend in person, you can place a person come equipped with a power of attorney (but always check the exact terms)
  • Must be followed exactly for times, writing is often involved large numbers of people

What not to forget before learning

  • Time to ask for accommodation in halls of residence, pay the accommodation bond
  • Find out how the school meals (the canteen)
  • Future classmates contact (eg through social networks)
  • Study the detailed study conditions (number of credits per semester, subjects, method of schedule)
  • Find the beginning of teaching an introductory lecture and miss

Author: Černá, Lucie

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