Social Affairs Studies Added:26.4. 2010
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Social Affairs Studies

What is important to think before you submit an application to college? That's the first time about the study, which will affect your future profession is obvious. But you should not forget the other issues that you would when their lack of consideration of Study you may inadvertently complicate the summer.

Tuition Fees ==== ====

  • The amount of fees is always derived from the decisions of individual schools, so these charges are very different
  • Act only requires the conditions under which high school students to collect fees from, and how to calculate the minimum or maximum
  • For the basic fees associated with the study, which did not involve any students or full scale study can be considered:
  • Fee for admission procedure – see paragraph 1 „§ 58 of the Higher Education Act“:…b-o-vysokych- synagogues, text-to-have a built-novella, a specific amount of the fee to each school and determine their components, but usually ranges between 300 and 600 CZK depending on the school and the type of application (the electronic form, if the school offers it, usually cheaper)
  • Fee for a long time – more, see paragraph 3 „§ 58 of the Law on Higher Education“:…b-o-vysokych- synagogues, text-to-have a built-novella
  • Fee for further study – see paragraph 4 „§ 58 of the Law on Higher Education“:…b-o-vysokych- synagogues, text-to-have a built-novella
  • Fee for studying in a foreign language – see paragraph 5 „§ 58 of the Act on Higher Education“:…11-1998-sb-o- High-synagogues-text-to-have a built-novella

Scholarships ==== ====

  • Types of scholarships for which, under certain conditions during the study to achieve detail defines „§ 91 of the Law on Higher Education“:…-111-1998-sb -o-High-synagogues-text-to-have a built-novella
  • A specific amount and qualify for entitlement to a scholarship is always determined by the college or faculty of its own scholarship regulations (some, such as social grants, the state provided for at least the statutory minimum)
  • According to the law may be the fulfillment of specified students awarded scholarships:
  • For outstanding study results;
  • Excellent for research, development and innovation, artistic or other creative activities to enhance knowledge,
  • The research, development and innovation activities,
  • In a difficult social situation of the student (This includes, inter alia, the scholarship support available)
  • In cases deserving special consideration
  • Students who are entitled to child
  • To support study abroad
  • To support study in the Czech Republic
  • Doctoral students

Accommodation options ==== ====

Track === ===

  • The conditions under which a student is granted to college, always set by individual schools
  • The most common criteria for the allocation of the track are:
  • Drive a student
  • Social situation of the student
  • Student health
  • In the higher grades are attached to such benefits or the current length of the study
  • You can choose from private colleges offer
  • The price for accommodation in university halls of residence is based mainly from:
  • The size of
  • The number of beds in the room
  • Number of supplementary services (number of sanitary facilities on each floor or room, private or shared kitchen, internet access, etc.)
  • Advantages: low cost housing, the possibility of obtaining single or double rooms (surcharge), especially in new or refurbished hostels relative comfort and excellent facilities, the opportunity to establish contacts with other students, in some cases, access to good schools (in some schools College is located in the area)
  • Drawbacks: the uncertainty of getting a room (due to lack of space), the need for compliance with mandatory rules – the so-called „boarding procedure, in particular the need for less expensive rooms share a bathroom and kitchen with other rooms, often little choice of roommates, lack of privacy, the existence at first sight "invisible“ costs (using washing machines and other appliances, sports, etc.), in some cases a little comfort and lack of complementary services (Internet, etc.)

Roommates === ===

  • Offer roommates found in virtually every real estate portal sites outside real estate but can also look for advertisements for private individuals or student portals
  • The fee for accommodation is based, inter alia, from:
  • Size of rooms or apartment
  • Housing facilities
  • Location apartment
  • The number of roommates
  • The fees for water and energy
  • Advantages: relatively low cost of living, a comfort, able to become independent, the choice of roommates or landlords
  • Disadvantages: The price is usually higher than for college, the need to proceed to the „house rules“ (especially in the case of hiring a room in another apartment), will attempt to save often leads to more people sharing an apartment, than what is intended, and it again leads to reduce the privacy and living space, sometimes problems occur with the common funding, division of household duties, etc., housing insecurity after the expiry of the lease is not always available on the Internet

Other options === ===

  • Commute
  • Living with relatives or friends
  • Using the services of traditional hostels, etc.

For more information on accommodation for example, read in „this article“:…em/index.php?….

Meals ==== ====

Dining Services === ===

  • Dining Services is one of the cheapest dining options
  • The number can also choose from several types of food
  • Can be used not only at lunch time, but often they are also open for breakfast and dinner, and prepare some ‚snack packs‘
  • In most cafeterias, a special dietary or ISIC card, which can be recharged a certain amount of which is then deducted meal

Buffets === ===

  • Relatively inexpensive form of eating
  • It is mostly a diet of fast food on the way

Student cafes, tearooms and pubs

  • Typical especially for larger cities
  • Tries its products, facilities, as well as the price of adapting to student life
  • Some are regarded as a „student“ rather frequently because of its mix of clientele than for its „Student“ menu

Lunch === ===

  • Cheaper lunch menus often offer the most expensive undertakings or
  • Lunch menus are based mainly towards the daily clientele, such as employees of companies or the rights of students
  • Is necessary to take the offered price of food will increase the price of drinks and tip potential

The manufacture === ===

  • A bit of modesty and appropriate choice of food is easy to save on food and diet through a home – whether you prepare it yourself, or better yet you bring from your relatives

For more information about how to read in the eating „this article“:…em/index.php?….

Job ==== ==== for students

  • Where permitted by the schedule and offer job opportunities in the market, it is possible to earn in the study through:
  • Brigade – the agreement for work or contracts for work
  • Employment – full or part time (related to the length of monthly working hours)
  • Business
  • With every form of work are linked to various charges (taxes, social or health insurance), but student benefits, which in some cases, inter alia, the ability to deduct the discount for the taxpayer and the student section and get money back stržených or reduce the tax
  • Where job search:
  • Advertisements on bulletin boards, in print or on the Internet (advertising sites, job boards, recruitment agencies Web sites, etc.)
  • Student Web portals and websites of schools
  • The website of companies in the field (mostly in the section Career and Jobs)
  • Job market, job fairs and student
  • Through their own contacts and friends

For more information about finding work and earnings, see other options such as „this“:…em/index.php?… article.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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