Failure to higher education: what next? Added:26.4. 2010
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Failure to higher education: what next?

Did not you at college? Then there is no need to despair. Password „will not accept / and“ in the notification of the outcome of admission does not necessarily mean that the dream school you actually get – since it is a possibility to bring the appeal. Variant further action in case of rejection is much more.

The second round ==== ==== admission

  • School is not obliged to write about them or to inform unsuccessful candidates
  • Information usually visit schools
  • You must re-send the application

What appeals should include and what to watch

  • Demonstrate their own skills (certificates, diplomas, my own designs)
  • Mention of aggravating circumstances (subjective assessment of the jury, unreasonable demands, unprofessional approach of the organizers)
  • Mention of poor conditions during the test (noise, heat, holding an inconvenient time, poor accessibility)
  • Note to the right of appeal form (specimen at school sites or the Internet)
  • Number of points, which you have achieved during the test should not be too low

Zero classes and preparatory courses

  • Organized by the school itself, and they are charged
  • Information usually visit schools
  • Greatly increase the chances of acceptance next year
  • Participation in shows your genuine interest in the field

For more information read the preparatory courses such as „here“:…em/index.php?…, a zero grade for example, „here“: / system / index.php? article = 2040 & id = 2375th

Other options ==== ====

For more information, read as „here“:…em/index.php?….

Author: Černá, Lucie

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