Information for applicants older than 26 years Added:26.4. 2010
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Information for applicants older than 26 years

Perhaps for anyone not 26th Birthday in a turning point as for undergraduates. Although the study of these terms does not change, they begin to apply the changes and issues that still did not solve most – among them should be obliged to pay social and health insurance, or end the discounts, which are associated with this „magical“ age often linked.

Students over 26 years must reckon with the fact that they were compared to their younger colleagues concerning some changes.

==== Health Insurance

  • It must be paid even if the student is studying without interruption (for students under 26 years pay the insurance law)
  • If the student is older than 26 years working as an employed or self-employed and if does not meet any of the conditions specified in „§ 7 paragraph 1 of Act No. 48/1997 Coll.“: Http://portal­­tal/ _s.155/701? where the law = & c = 48/1997, on public health insurance, it becomes a „person who has no taxable income“ (OBZP)
  • The amount of insurance is, according to „§ 7 § 2 of Act No. 592/1992 Coll.“: Http://portal­­tal/_s.155/701?num­ber1=592% 2F1992 & number2 = & name = & text = , on premiums for general health insurance, as amended, set at 13.5% of the assessment base (for OBZP in the minimum wage) for the decisive period

==== Social Insurance

  • In case of social insurance, student age is irrelevant
  • Study period from 1 January 2010 not included in the insurance needed for the subsequent years of income (yet this time fell to the equivalent periods), time has to complete before 2010, however, will be judged by the old rules
  • For pension insurance, the student may voluntarily register and pay at least the minimum amount (see „Act No. 155/1995 Coll.“: Http://portal­­tal/_s.155/701?l = 155/1995, on Pension Insurance)

==== ISIC

  • ISIC card is valid for students over 26 years, the upper age limit is not limited
  • Condition is still just that, to be entered in full-time study
  • For students older than 26 years may not be of any discounts or benefits recognized only if it is not stated directly in terms of specific benefits that this age limit binds

Student bank accounts ==== ====

  • Most student bank accounts, if that bank has to offer, is entitled to ownership of such accounts is limited by age, this boundary is, however, with different banks and different is not necessarily tied to the border 26 years

==== Transport

  • 26 years of age is governed by transport companies of most (but not all) of Czech cities
  • For students over 26 years has been mostly covered by the „classic“ civil fare
  • The same situation applies to most carriers in the intercity and international transport; but some provide discounts for at least the presentation of an ISIC

Tuition Fees ==== ====

  • The obligation to pay tuition fees in public schools does not bind to the age
  • Students over 26 years, mostly related to charges for additional or longer study (see paragraph 3 and 4 „§ 58 of the Higher Education Act“:…eni-zakona-c –111–1998-SB-for-tall-synagogues-text-to-have a built-amendments)

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