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Learning to graduation "at the eleventh hour" Added:5.5. 2010
Updated:1.2. 2013
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Learning to graduation "at the eleventh hour"

As graduation knocking on doors, many are starting to knock and knees. Even more so if the student is himself aware of gaps in my knowledge. What, however, run from the battle, when he really started. Indeed, many can still be saved.

Step 1: Review

First you must find out what you are. Stop running around the room in confusion, not knowing where your head is, Utne concerns that it was not worth it and can not do. And if you happen to still seem, how much time you have to quickly reassess its position. Heroic stories of your older friends to cope with GCSE 'left rear of svaťáku "still subject to selective memory, which eliminated all the stress of raising a minor while working during the year of graduation. Instead, the rest sit back and leaving a list of questions you begin to indicate when you already know that, so that you can in half, to which you have to just remember and where you swim. Do not fool yourself, but with the honesty to admit the state of their knowledge. It is important to be able to properly target preparation. At the same time but do not underestimate. If you do not remember the date of death of Karel Hynek Macha, the world will not end because of the number one and also you can get.

Step 2: Plan

Now that you know what your strengths and where you burn on his heels, do you plan what you will pay and when, and also approximately estimate the time required. Everything you write in your diary or calendar. Topics that you know enough to put aside, but prokládejte have mastered their subject matter worse. Will you enjoy, something you already know, and – as known – repetition is the mother of wisdom. The acquired knowledge will head out just nevykouří. At not quite mastered the best questions add reserves. Where you're not too confident or totally wallpaper, focus mainly on the essentials. Create a detailed outline summarizing the essentials for a successful passing the test – if you are left with time, you can go into the details, but for now you save every minute. It is better to know less of everything than ever nestihnout something and let it fluster or worse, pay for it by repeating the test. You can also help developed questions your classmates, or downloaded from the internet. But be careful – it can occur in these factual errors and typos, which can easily become a good grade.

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It emphasizes that you went through all topics. Neobětujte consolidate new knowledge about the assurances of long ago mastered. Repeating the theme will definitely take less time than his teaching. During staging of new questions can be easily repeated three others. With that in His plan also count. And do not forget to reserve time for final revision just prior to the final exam.

Step 3: Motivation

With the right motivation walk away. As the school year finishes and approaching to maturity, and decline itself will learn. How many times does not help either mastered test prospect of adulthood and deserved good results. What to do? Set another goal, the next thing, which you can enjoy and which will be subject to successful climbing the GCE. Plan after the test event, trip, buying more things for which you desire a romantic afternoon with your partner, whatever you are learning from magnesium and miss what you will be reminded that the successful passing the graduation test awaits something more pleasant. If you feel that the wait will not last long, make you less motivation in the course of the week. For example, you say that if you complete all the questions scheduled for this week, you can go on a Friday afternoon with friends, play soccer, swim, go for coffee or for smaller purchases. Despite the fact that shorter relaxation will benefit your brain and gives him the power again to absorb more knowledge.

Step 4: ===== Individualisation

To the most crowded in the head, is also useful to know how you learn best. If you remember best heard, přeříkávejte the material aloud, or invite a friend or a friend with whom it will tell each other. If you have a photographic memory or visual, rely on notes, underlining, highlighting, arrows, graphs or pictures. In the most ideal case, to activate both – write down and podtrhávejte, while written and jumping přeříkávejte.

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  • You Podtrhávejte important. (Photo: *

Simply adjust their learning needs. Do you quiet? Play some music – but not loudly, not distract you. It teaches you the best night? Pull your blinds during the day, whether you have a little feeling of gloom. It pulls you out? Take your notebook and go. Once you feel that sloughs your attention for a little while to odreagujte – do a few squats or pushups, will proceed to stare quietly into space, get you to drink – simply relieve the eyes and head.

Good luck!

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