Legislation and regulations in Higher Education Added:26.4. 2010
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Legislation and regulations in Higher Education

In our lives, perhaps no area that is not bound by various laws, regulations or orders. The exception, of course, is no Czech schooling, and therefore at least some knowledge of the legislative amendments relating to the university, certainly should include knowledge of basic equipment of every undergraduate. And what example are they?

** The Higher Education **

Full name of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. On Higher Education, and amending other laws. Adjusts operating conditions, obligations, rights and scope of public and private universities. Under this Act shall be established only public high school (private high schools are established and abolished by the granting or withdrawal of state approval).

** Study and Examination Rules **

Study and Examination Regulations specify the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs offered by colleges or universities in other parts of universities. These systems are primarily based on the „Law No. 111/1998 Coll.“: Http://www.msmt­.cz/vzdelavani/u­plne-zneni-zakona-c-111–1998-sb-o-vysokych-skolach-text- have a built-to-amendments, the universities, which further complement the schools and the state. Rules are binding on all parts of schools, their students, staff and others who are affected by specific provisions.

** Accreditation of the Ministry of Education **

Within this concept comes a series of decisions issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – could be a mandate, powers of attorney, certificates, approval of a person, institution, approved courses, etc. Most of the on campus means that the Ministry of Education found that the degree program, faculty or school meets the requirements of the Ministry for this type of institution or discipline.

Additional terms can be found in our „Glossary of academic terms“: http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/slovnik/. List of other legislative measures can then be found on the web including the Ministry of Education („here“: http://www.msmt.cz/…ci-informace).

Author: Černá, Lucie

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