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The survey showed good graduates Masaryk University Added:7.5. 2010
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The survey showed good graduates Masaryk University

Regularly within two years of implementation of Masaryk University in Brno, a survey of graduates of full-time Master's degree. Identifies as the disciples of looking for work, what their unemployment, and how in practice result. This year we managed to get the data from less than half of graduates from the years 2007 and 2008.

What about unemployment?

The official unemployment statistics counts Masaryk University graduates 2.2% – a value of about 3.5 times less than the national average. The survey took the numbers are even lower, and the 1.4% unemployed. In this group of graduates are not working but also included doctoral students and other universities as well as women on maternity leave, which is altogether more than half of all unemployed graduates surveyed. And how they see their chances of employment, those who do not work? Optimistic and pessimistic visions are approximately equal. The economic crisis is more afraid of graduates, the biggest concern is occurring among teachers and philosophers.

Four months since graduating has worked 93% of graduates. Currently employed or taking 85% of students odpromovaných. Slower get a job people having completed a master's degree from the Faculty and the Faculty of Social Studies. More difficult was to find a job for graduates of the Faculty of Philosophy and young teachers. On the other hand are the best computer scientists. From the demographic point of view, looking a little worse for women than men work. Over 60% of graduates gaining employment use in their own forces, received an offer from other companies or institutions directly or relying on the help of family and friends.

More than three quarters of graduates working in the field, who graduated from, or in a related field. Roughly half of them found employment in the public sector, mostly as a trained doctor and scientist educators. In the Czech private companies to move again mainly lawyers and computer scientists. Graduates of the Faculty of Science, together with other economists, rather than working in foreign and multinational companies.

Lucrative fields === === Informatica also play directly in salary levels. Their starting salary is a rough average of 26 309 CZK and current salary of 40,963 CZK. Runners-up are economists, and the third position we find graduates of the Faculty of Sports Studies. Smallest average earnings reach educators. The work taken up with an average gross wage of CZK 15,991, currently earn an average of 18,640 CZK. The overall average is 18 MU 568 CZK when boarding and 24,121 currently.

The three best-paid disciplines are Applied Science (average salary of 44,127 CZK), Information Systems (40 300 CZK) and Sociology (33 192 CZK). Despite the limit of the average salary 30 000 CZK to get the Public Administration, Financial Management, Dentistry, International Relations and European Studies and Business Management. The biggest role in influencing the amount of salary the following factors: graduate in Science, the economic sector, company type, employment status, residence and sex, size, and graduate. Women, more and achieve an average 20% less wages than men.

Source: MU Press release "Report of Research, Masaryk University Graduates 2007–2008 in Practice:…7_08_WEB.pdf

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