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Retraining courses: do not offer the security, hope so Added:9.5. 2010
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Retraining courses: do not offer the security, hope so

It is no exception in that person's life comes the moment they realize that they actually wanted to do something completely different than studied. Or that he has not attended school nearly everything required by the practice. Either way, just because there are retraining courses that all stray throw a lifeline. Reach for it, but you have to yourself.

Maybe it's current, and not very favorable, labor market trends, may still be evident range of courses and perhaps both, that the retraining courses recently writes and speaks frequently. From these legends while this type of education usually comes as one of the ways to successfully resolve the situation of unemployed. This will of course be denied, however, if everything was so simple, the word unemployment would long ago took the place only in the dictionary archaisms. Let us therefore now take a bit of retraining courses under the magnifying glass.

For beginners and advanced

Retraining courses, sometimes in short called retraining, providing in particular applicants have the possibility of extension, renewal or deepen their existing knowledge and skills. Professional qualifications may offer even beginners in the field. The participant will receive a completion certificate for the so-called retraining with nationwide effect, or a certificate of participation in an accredited educational program.

Odds === === A variety of courses are now very rich. Most focus on education in the field of management (corporate management, communication skills, etc.), trade and economy (eg training and business skills, sales, logistics, accounting, etc.), HR and personnel management, law and must be IT and computers (programming, network administration, graphics, etc.). There is also, of course, even those that focus on the services and crafts, and on education (for example, the minimum educational, adult, teacher of foreign languages, etc.) and sports (coaching, massage, lifeguard courses, outdoor activities of readership, etc.).. The length of retraining courses ranges from one-day courses for those who embrace up to 300 hours of instruction. They can attend either on weekends, or even several times during the week (this is usually determined by unemployed people).

Who can apply

Retraining courses can attend virtually anyone who can pay tuition (an amount below) prior to registration and who meets the basic requirements for each course. In addition to the anticipated interest in this field is often a certain level of educational attainment (usually secondary) health and fitness. The administrative and managerial positions, it also aimed, for instance, basic computer (not the course for beginners). The course prepares them for higher performance and niche positions (eg operating systems administrators, computer graphics, etc.) already assume a certain experience with the industry. Otherwise, for most courses, but no matter what field of candidates for retraining previously studied, or what is practical. The exchange rate modeling and nail manicures are so quietly side by side can educate a trained cook and auto dealers.

Organizers === === courses The operator retraining course is under the Employment Act, the state only devices with an accredited educational program ":…ani/databaze under the Employment Act, the school in the field of education, which is registered in the Register of Schools and school facilities, the college with accredited degree programs or facilities with an educational program under a special regulation. Only the first device that can issue a certificate of retraining a nationally.

. <> * *** Some retraining courses are focused on increasing computer literacy (photo: stock.xchng) *

Price retraining === === Since the courses are offered in different lengths for different content, they vary in their price. The weekend courses are usually for expenses not exceeding five thousand crowns, with the length of the course, then increased. The exceptions are neither rates in excess of 30,000 crowns. The price is in addition to the length of the course also reflects the quality (for example, may already indicate the hours of teachers), the level of proficiency course, the degree of specialization, and partly also a certain exclusivity with which the field is generally associated. In the case of courses for staff retraining courses can be met by the employer, but otherwise supporting the payment of part or all of tuition grants or other sources of power do not count – their payments are mostly up to you. An exception may be mediated courses such as offices.

In the retraining course through the Office

Training programs often used by those who are registered with the office work and who is not a long time despite the efforts of the office can not find application in the field, for which they are qualified (or have no qualifications). In this case, the job seekers participate in the Authority's right to retrain the work, either partially or completely. But it also does not have to pay them at all – whether the pay rate, is entirely the responsibility of the office. Greater chance for tuition reimbursement are usually candidates who wish to retrain in the field who have studied or that the loss of jobs have already practiced. Reimbursement rate often can get even those who choose „generally“ targeted courses such as basic computer course, etc. Such a turn tends not job security. The fact that jobseekers Jobcentre reimburse course, you need to fulfill several conditions. Its most important role is played by the willingness and ability to work in the field in which the applicant intends to work to qualify. For more information on retraining courses provided by such offices can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs ":…ekvalifikace (MLSA).

=== How to select course

  • When choosing a course is especially important to think about why you want to attend the course and if you effort, time and money spent on his passing really provide what they require from him. Course, of course, you hold as a hobby, but think about it you have more compatible with your current or future employment. You should therefore define exactly which position you would like to compete in the future or what area of ​​your current business you need to deepen and improve. Specific course choose, firstly, that closely matches your knowledge and skill level and your ambitions – you should not even be under-or overestimate.
  • Currently can choose from a vast range of courses, organized by many institutions and companies. And as it happens, not all can offer comparable quality. The organizer of the course you would prefer to find out everything you need in advance, as well as the tutors, who will be trained. Seek in internet forums and feedback from these courses, ask friends who have completed course, Be interested in the references, etc.
  • When deciding how much you want to give a course, you should not always automatically reach for the cheapest. Always have, therefore, first determine what is the detailed plan of the course, srovnávejte between different menus and only then make sure that the course content offered is exactly as you want to spend their money. Keep in mind that the amount invested may one day be back many times thanks to well chosen course. Before the payment can also verify that the course fee includes the cost of such teaching materials, or whether it will be necessary to allow for some (and if so, what) additional expenses.
  • Another argument, according to which course to choose, should be taken as the total number of course participants (optimum group is ten to twelve students), as well as whether it is possible to somehow replace the hour, which you could not attend, there is the possibility that individual consultations, etc.

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