The Rag VSB-TU Ostrava, free entry! Added:3.5. 2010
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The Rag VSB-TU Ostrava, free entry!

Professional Students Union organized this year for the fifteenth time traditional student party rag **. ** Actions under the auspices of Ivo Vondrák, Rector of VSB – Technical unvierzity Ostrava Statutory City of Ostrava and breaks this Wednesday ** 5 May 2010 **.

Rag begins at 9:00 am We meet masks. The procession also issued through the city to the university itself, which will be the new king's coronation. The next program will take care interpretai a hundred animals, R + Members Club (A Tribute to Rammstein), Jaroslav Uhlir and many others.

The event is organized by students and access is ** free **! Detailed information and photos from last year's visit „this address“:

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