In Zlin Aerospace rag starts today Added:4.5. 2010
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In Zlin Aerospace rag starts today

This year's JRC Rag TBU Zlin in 2010, will be held today, 4 May, in the style space. The organizers, the students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata in Zlin, promising "all-star cast of opera singers, ko (s) nomic competition and endless fun. It all starts today at 13:00 pm the parade will be followed by the main program in the square and an evening program in the accompanying Zlín clubs.

In addition to the ceremonial march through the city center, this time ozvláštněného drummers from Ostrava Bumbumbandu XL, participants can enjoy a choice of king Majáles, other related prize competitions and performances by musical groups Wow, Xindl X and drivers of the afternoon – the band of Dead.

The evening program will take place in several clubs simultaneously Zlín, Golem rumbles in the rock, in turn, Musicland hip-hop. The Flip sounds timeless oldies and Zelenáčova shed will be as relaxing stage, non-smoking. Last year's music scene is even trisection Grand Cinema – a space in front of him and the two side passages inside the sounds in the style of Drum & Bass.

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