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Summer school - what to expect from them? Added:10.5. 2010
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Summer school - what to expect from them?

Summer school – what do you imagine under this term? They are not too expensive? Or challenging? They are accessible to students studying the subject? This article should give you answer the basic questions that relate to summer school. So do not sit at home and start packing your bags!

What are the summer school?

Summer school is exactly what its title expresses: specialized training, which is held mostly in the universities themselves during the summer months ** **. A rare free time, of course, students can be filled only boring lessons, and so are the summer school is often associated with other activities ** ** such as cheap travel, cultural activities and gaining practical experience. Summer schools are held both domestic and foreign institutions **. ** Summer school is focusing on a particular area of ​​interest ** **, whether in language, history, journalism, computer science, nuclear physics, the issue of human rights or politics. A major attraction of the summer school is primarily a ** ** international participation, through which students try to communicate in a foreign language and make new contacts. The great advantage is the low prices ** ** similar events since the summer schools are partially subsidized by a grant, students provide hostel accommodation and meals in university cafeterias. On some summer school participants pay only travel and incidental expenses. Other summer schools offer scholarships to obtain ** ** for their completion, or even ** ** credits that you may find useful in further studies.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3385/ka­canivka.jpg * *] Summer Schools provide an unforgettable experience!

How do they work?

Summer schools are more a matter ** short **, lasting from about one to six weeks. Since the duration of the program and also affects the price. Given the limited number of participants is important to the Summer School ** ** log time, deadlines for applications are often already in mid-May. An application can be non-personal information a resume (sometimes in a foreign language), cover letter, photo or certificate of study. Communication usually takes place electronically, and a few days before departure, participants will receive detailed instructions. Upon arrival at the place usually held ** ** acquainted with other participants, lecturers and the place where the school will take place. Participants are also introduced by the schedule ** ** stay. Teaching takes place mostly in the morning, after lunch, followed by trips, visits to museums and practical exercises. Evening program participants is not limited summer schools and even participate in the teaching may not be strictly adhered to. The base is fruitfully spend leisure ** ** in an environment like-minded enthusiasts.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3385/le­ipzig.bmp * *] New friends and a lot of experience – summer school advantages

What is the offer?

Offer summer school every year, really wide. It depends mainly on the ** ** what you're interested and what area is attractive to you. You can also choose by country, you would like to visit. To search for the best options to tailor your degree, you can visit the office to which your school deals with foreign holidays, or spend a little time searching on the internet ** **.

**!!! Attention: ** Some specific summer school this year please go to „our website“:…em/index.php?…, other possibilities will regularly inform in the News.

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