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"I lost all fear of the conversation," says graduate summer language course Added:8.5. 2010
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"I lost all fear of the conversation," says graduate summer language course

Missing your language skills? Do you feel uncomfortable, if you talk to a stranger in his mother tongue? Or just need to practice? Try it as John whistled, and a student, BUT Brno, which is the third year of high school he went to hone English language skills Brighton.

** Depending on what course you choose? **

Most important for me about was the fact that there can children under 18 years, most of the other course was limited to 17 years. Another reason was that I was in Brighton was once on a trip to the city and I liked it on the coast and they have an amazing amusement park on the pier.

** Where are you looking for information? **

Thus, mainly the Internet, I found some reviews at my school and I was convinced.

** How would you assess your level of input and output language? What do you teach a new course? **

The course was especially important to me speaking from the site, it was not my turn to learn a new grammar, but rather the opportunity to talk with people from foreign countries. From morning to evening I heard the English and after two weeks I was able to say almost anything without thinking, and I understood almost everything. It was probably for me the most progress – to learn better conversation.

** As the course proceeded? **

In the morning we had 4 hours, then usually followed by lunch and then back to school for another 4 hours, after school has always ensured another program. Either we went on a trip or was due to some sporting activities such as volleyball, bowling and football.

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** How can teachers meet the access, how would you approach compared with teachers in schools in the CR? **

That was decidedly more personal approach, the important thing about it was that we were in a group of around 8, so the teacher could address the substance of each part individually.

** How much did you have free time, and how you used it? **

About the time we cared more school, so it was almost always scheduled for the day. Until tonight we had the time to go somewhere with a bunch of beach or into town. The program will take care of us even on weekends.

** What are you most interested in Brighton in terms of lifestyle? **

Overall it is a lifestyle other than English in the Czech Republic. Less hurried to everything they have enough time. Access to me as a foreigner, was pleasant. When I needed anything, with nothing was a problem. My family například couple of times I drove to school when I missed the bus.

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** You met any problem or event took place without any problem? **

Nothing to remember, only the first day I was carrying my family to school and landed me at the other, so I had to ask the local moment, before I got to the right.

** What was the financial demands of the course? **

These courses are quite expensive, only the actual rate of traffic coming out around 15,000 per week. Basically, it's such expensive holiday learning the language.

** What you need to arrange? **

About all I care agency. So in the end I needed to have a valid passport.

** What would you recommend to those who are preparing for a similar course? **

If you have the opportunity, so let it use. Definitely get experience and practice in English. I am after 14 days of exchange rate moved in the knowledge of the English language may be a year ahead of the English school. Mostly, I lost all fear of conversation. People always say, would rather not talk – what if he says something wrong – but it's totally unnecessary. Most foreigners are learning a language, too, and know that it is quite difficult, so we like to correct and help you improve your English.

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Photo: archive John Hvizdala

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