SCIO company reforms its tests OSP Added:13.5. 2010
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SCIO company reforms its tests OSP

Whilst some applicants for study at the college still has a deadline of National comparative test in its current form, this třeťáci in next year's meet also with the extended option. The new test will be compared to verbal and slightly modified analytical and quantitative section contain extra section of logical thinking and reasoning and abstract thinking section.

Candidates will be able to choose between the existing and enhanced variant according to the requirements of faculties, the new variant is likely to choose faculty with the largest overhang of applications submitted.

Visitors can try out a new form of test on training day.

This year on National Comparative tests accepted nearly 60 faculty in more than 900 branches. With more than 40 000 graduates tests test the OSP was not the most common test for admission to universities in the country.

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