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Brno rag: photo report Added:14.5. 2010
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Brno rag: photo report

Even in Brno this year students gathered to rejoice the annual spring event – Rag Day. Seventh in May at the exhibition sounded velodrome Moravian metropolis. What can visitors see?

. <> * *** Already in the afternoon at the concert Announced markers were under the stage head to head .*

. <> * *** The gallery has presented his work local student organizations .*

. <> * *** Competition of the King Majáles begun force-bow , a drag rope. Candidates Mendel University and VUT with their teams pulled and pulled until the rope broke .*

. <>

* The second stage in a crowded club Favál were marked stale hot air. In short, „dense“ atmosphere of sweat and which frontman Cocotte Minute – Zeller .*

. <> * *** Flundr de Fillets, pretender to the royal title from the Faculty of Informatics, performed an original dance. ..*

. <>

… and won the crown. Skodak left behind from the Mendel University of DRS James BUT Cenzanniho from the Faculty of Social Studies.

… and won the crown. Behind from left Skodak Mendel University, James BUT from DRS and Cenzanniho from the Faculty of Social Studies .

. <> * *** Until the morning rag went to the music, which began performances Christopher bands .*

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