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Distance Education Study, or through the computer! Added:17.5. 2010
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Distance Education Study, or through the computer!

The development of new technologies, the increasing willingness of people to invest in their own education, but perhaps a bit hectic and time associated with work and eternal „nicnestíháním“ caused that offer degree programs and courses at our universities increasingly find the opportunity to study the so-called distance form. But what actually constitutes such a way of studying?

Distance learning is often wrongly confused as a form of „combined“:…em/index.php?…. This is probably due to the distance that the word can be loosely translated as „remote“:…em/index.php?…, which was until 1999 called just combined study . Although the schools themselves sometimes offer distance learning some of its branches under the name of the combo, the fact remains that distance education is separated and combined forms in addition to „full“:…em/index.php article = 2768 & id = 2455 IV of the Higher Education Act („§ 44“:…skolach-text- have a built-to-amendments). Its further definition, as well as the definition of two other forms of learning, but it does not act.

=== The beginnings of distance learning

Very beginning of distance learning at our place until 1991, when the Prague conference devoted to the subject. Among its pioneers, after initial attempts by some institutions, which focused primarily on adult education, ranked in the 90 years, such as the Academy of Jan Amos Comenius University of Technology, University of Palacky in Olomouc and Technical University in Liberec. Over time, they should also be joined by University of West Bohemia, University of Ostrava, Institute of Economics in Prague, Global University, Metropolitan University Prague and other private and public universities. Although this list is not to say that compared to other countries in the Czech Republic currently offer distance learning programs, ending slightly below the title. Thus, if the school offers no similar field, then it is rather a rare case. However, the situation started to improve, but slowly.

Forms of Studies === === Distance is for us to study how the „Bachelor“:…em/index.php?… and in the „master“: / index.php? article = 2768 & id = 2635 and „doctoral“:…em/index.php?… programs. Because of their content and performance are comparable to their full potential, or cogeneration is the finished version of the classic distance of the diplomas and titles. More commonly, however, is now distance learning schools use either as part of their lifelong learning. They are usually much shorter and are not completed by winning the title (it can further these goals, however, at least – see article on „lifelong learning“:…em/index.php?… and „§ 60“:…ymi-novelami the Higher Education Act). Overview of lifelong education through distance learning offered by our universities, for example, can be found on the 'National Centre for Distance Learning:…_ncdiv.shtml. The benefits of distance learning concept, but sometimes also used by organizers of the „preparatory“:…em/index.php?…, „language“: / index.php? article = 2768 & id = 2629 and „retraining“:…em/index.php?… courses.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3396/PC II.jpg] / / Have the Czech universities are beginning to detect the possibility that delivers e-learning course (photo: StockExchange) / /

At home, in a cafe in the park

Distance learning consists of two interconnected components of which the first is the self and the other is continuous, most electronic communications with consultants and trainers (teachers in distance learning are often also referred to as tutors, something private, local teachers). The entire study is built mainly because of so-called „e-learning:…em/index.php?… studies were made through a computer and the Internet (excluding, however, there is no communications, telephone, fax, or correspondence). Just because the classrooms distance learners become their offices, bedrooms, libraries, cafes or parks should be. The "stone“ on the contrary attend school compared to full-time and part-time study very rarely, usually only a few hours during the „term“:…em/index.php?…. During these seminars, sometimes referred to as the tutorials are generally addresses various issues that students encountered during the self-study, and verify the correct understanding of the substance to the students.

=== Tasks will need

Yet, after all, not an organization of study entirely left to the students themselves. Great emphasis is placed on the great cooperation between him and the teachers, and because his own efforts to be lost and that was headed in the right direction. Students are usually required to meet during the semester, a number of tasks to check, while maintaining their ongoing training. The total course requirement, then, of course, include the need to obtain a certain number of points or credits for tests, credits and examinations, as is the case even in ‚normal‘ studio. Some educators are even trying to bring classical docházkovému education so that in addition to the now quite common interaction through mail try to use the latest teaching methods, such as videoconferencing, instant messaging, or special educational programs. This suggests that one of the features of distance learning is that, despite the physical distance between students and teacher very individual: through the computer addresses everything from homework assignment over the teaching itself to solving individual problems associated with the study. Personal consultations, however, play a role no less, and is therefore not surprising that at least some are mandatory.

It is based on the strong will

The obvious advantage of distance learning is its degree of freedom and flexibility, since it is primarily a student himself, who determines the time that will be studying. The big advantage is also quite substantial dose saved time and money normally associated with occasional or regular commuting to school. Therefore, distance learning is especially ideal for busy students, mothers on maternity leave and other interested parties who, for various reasons, are unable or unwilling to study the premises. But, if one is „master of his time“ should also be able to dominate as their will and responsibility. Freedom of study outlined a matter of fact there is a risk that people will pay more than necessary to study their work or other activities and school affairs will always postpone indefinitely. Anchor of the student's strong will tend to at least the deadline for submission of various tasks and projects to provide educators and most can not be exceeded.

=== How much does it cost

At present, the possibility of distance learning domain, particularly private schools, but as we have indicated, is offering some public schools. In the private study is a form of fee for their public counterparts, charges mostly related to distance learning courses for lifelong learning. Tuition often while climbing into několikatisícových amounts per semester. This amount, however, usually have extra cost of thatching of study materials and other supplies, the preparation is at least so far, total freight.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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