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MU Student: Year of jazykovce certainly not lost Added:21.5. 2010
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MU Student: Year of jazykovce certainly not lost

Martin Uhlir (22) after graduation due to failure in entrance examinations has decided to sign up for language school. He admits that if she regretted not taking the high. Today, however, contented Brno sociology student, who proudly declares that the language of the school certainly has no regrets. What gave?

** Polyglot Language School is the name you've chosen, while the Greek word denoting a person speaking many languages. Did you ever sign up for courses several languages ​​at once? **

Occurred and that there was a possibility. They offered us the English to take on another one of three languages ​​- German, French, and the third can not remember. Both languages, I already had in junior high and as the Polyglot taught for beginners, I did not go into it.

** You wondered about other options to solve their situation? **

I look back on it and think about it, so not really. From the beginning I thought that if you get the height, I'll go to a language. While I had the opportunity to work part-time in their current job, but I thought that if I started working immediately, my brain would shut down and it would be hard to get back into learning. I know some of these people, the middle and start working with either did not return to school at all or at best, contented with the combined studies. The parents left the decision entirely up to me, so I sat down, went through the articles on the Internet and jazykovkách thought.

** What helped you decide just to have your school? **

In the end I chose the language school Polyglot PARK and the final decision I made upon the recommendation of friends who studied at Polyglot year before and was very happy.

** How do your course at a language school teacher faces from the middle – you support? **

I think too much about my studies teacher at jazykovce knew. Perhaps only two or three. And they support me. When one gets to the right height, it does not end life. The disappointment is huge, of course, but with the surroundings it can be overcome.

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  • Source: Personal archive Marty Uhlir *

Tutorial ** How ever go? **

Beginners honed grammar, had virtually no native speakers. Advanced always had some days in the week of grammar and conversation at least two days with a native speaker. I was initially in a group of beginners, but because I'm behind him had some foundation, I got a little bored. In addition, a total of languages ​​I went to high school I had four, so I was in the studio and quickly Starter Group I slowed down. I was pleasantly surprised approach teachers who gave me two months after the move to offer more advanced. Although I had to change from the beginning to catch up, but in the end helped me tremendously. Anyway, overall they were excellent teachers. Approached us for a friendly and yet we have learned that meeting. The native speakers are usually went to the pub, once we did walk around Glasgow, have shown the sights, has held various events. Activities were really good.

** So you and peers to act as a team? **

Quite right, because they were mostly people my age who received either a portrait or a variety of reasons, wanted to improve my English. But we were there and my mother from her children, who simply did not want to just be home with children.

** Were you in all those activities can also prepare for exams or work on the portrait? **

Sure. Teaching actually took place just always in the morning, specifically within twelve hours so we had an afternoon free. Although from us here and there, of course, require some training, I can not say that I'm somehow nabourávalo program. Time I really had enough. In addition, several years working in the hospital. It's to be nice to prosecute.

** If you should summarize the whole year, so what gave you and what you took? **

When I learned that I did not take, so I thought that once this year so as to lose, at least to improve their skills in language. With hindsight, I had to change our outlook. Especially now, when I see how much literature at the Faculty of Social Studies need to read in English, so basically I'm glad that it ended how it ended. At the high school because I learned German for eight years and most would like to sociology, where we have lots of compulsory literature in English, about the power failed. Moreover, I probably got rid of shyness, which one has when speaking a foreign language. In high school I was always in the conversation as tomato blushed, stuttered, had climbed from me like a fuzzy blanket. That was a jazykovce to get rid of. When every day you're talking about four hours only English, do not have to stutter and flushing time. I swallowed a language school. It might sound a little strange, but when I am able to speak English, so I am very happy. I just want to talk and enjoy it. So if anyone asks me, giving me a language school, so I say: the joy of conversation and a chance to study English.

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