High school students submitted by the irresponsible executors Added:15.5. 2010
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High school students submitted by the irresponsible executors

Amounts owed by students to their universities to grow. Therefore, they are forced to their home university to send bailiffs. This step goes in the Czech Republic a total of ten of the twenty-four public high schools that have affected the recovery of amounts owed about three hundred students.

Most college students owe for accommodation in halls of residence for an extended study that they have not become, or perhaps for unreturned books. An example might be the case Olomouc students, after which the executor of the borrowed items recovered 15,000 crowns, or student to whom the fee is not paid for the extension study threatened seizure of the house.

Execution in the Czech Republic are a very topical issue. However, for those students according to a press spokeswoman Teresa MU Fojtová not an economic crisis, but the irresponsibility of students, said the economic newspaper.

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