Plagiátorské scandal also emerged from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University Added:15.5. 2010
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Plagiátorské scandal also emerged from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University

Despite his struggles against plagiarism scandal has not escaped the circumscribed passages theses or Masaryk University. Popular newspapers and ČTK brought this week about the three unresolved cases to the local law school, which combines the local name of the head of the Department of Civil Law – Professor Joseph Fiala.

These are copied passages from the Legal Advisor magazine, which appeared in the work of two students who had to go through just Fiala. Shadows of doubt fall on two nearly identical articles alone Fiala Lawyer magazine, which probably improved the number of publications, for which academics are evaluated.

Petr Fiala, Rector Professor Josef Fiala dismissed from the position of chief of the State rigorous examination of civil rights, the position of Head of Department, however, still remains. They established two ethics committees, which deal with these cases.

There is speculation that the whole affair is an attempt to damage a competitor in the ongoing selection process for the Head of the Department of Civil Rights. Joseph Fiala so far refused to comment on cases.

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