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How to choose travel insurance and study abroad? Added:2.6. 2010
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How to choose travel insurance and study abroad?

  • Going on a study visit, internship, or just learn about cultures of other countries? One of the difficulties that you may encounter, are injury or illness, for which the avoided medical care. Indisputable is support you (and especially your wallet) at the moment, health insurance. Where can it set up and what to choose? *

The European tile in the European Union without any problem?

If you travel to EU countries in fact have a way you are insured. ** The holder of the European Health Insurance Card ** should be because every citizen of the Czech Republic, replacing the current health insurance půkazky. It provides you the right to necessary medical care provided under the same conditions as are insured in the country. Sounds good, other insurance would therefore be might not. Unfortunately, what state's other health conditions which you must adapt. In practice this means that they can vary the amount of participation in the payment of medical treatment, drug prices and amounts in the recipe – insurance will pay only for what they are insured in a particular country is entitled. Plus, the Czech health insurance companies cover the costs for care only in public health facilities. The insurance will not cover expenses not related to the medical transfer to the Czech territory. What to do? Just need the additional insurance, so if you have not had any insurance.

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In addition to the European Union is a guaranteed health care even in the Contracting States. These include Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Specific conditions for the country varies. Their description can be found at the „Centre for International Reimbursements“:…smluvnistaty.

All types of commercial insurance

Insurance on the road you can provide maybe a little surprisingly, credit card **. ** These are international cards, and somewhat more expensive. Disclosure of this insurance can take place only when you use the card abroad. It is good but to find out what insurance appropriate code such a credit card can cover and what is the amount of transactions (which are sometimes lower than recommended – 1.5 million).

Otherwise, insurance can be concluded in all current ** ** insurance companies, either directly in health or in the separate financial institutions. Insurance here is of two kinds – either year-round ** ** ** with daily or Taxo **. The problem with insurance for long stays is that insurance companies consider it not for a long stay but for more questions. Thus, they also set the rules, that after some time you return to the Czech Republic and a few days. As proof that you may require a ticket or a ticket.

Commercial insurance has the advantage of round the clock assistance services available, which you can turn problems. The job description has, among other things find their clients, if necessary, medical facility or hospital and even arrange transport from the accident site. The insurance also covers the transport, unlike normal public insurance valid in the EU and refers for example to dental treatment.

Insurance === === ISIC For students with another opportunity arises. Some international student cards offer the possibility of travel insurance and this is so even today the most common ISIC card. This insurance covers all expenses for treatment, including lawful participation in an agreed limit, the insured warrants that it will pay cash only minor treatment, providing helpdesk and it also applies to private medical facilities. It has three periods: annual basic insurance (from 200 CZK), with an annual pension insurance for extreme sports (from 350 CZK) and the annual insurance and long-term exit přijpojištěním to extreme sports (from 1 600 CZK). For specific information visit the „Web ISIC“:…ni/pojisteni.

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What to be careful when choosing?

Find out ** ** participation rate, that is what insurance is specified threshold amount above which are willing to pay for medical expenses. In a given country must be set to a certain degree of complicity in the payment of medical treatment, which in turn does not pay, because such insurance does not cover routine care costs for smaller or short hospital stay.

The need is to know what the maximum length of stay ** ** You can arrange insurance, so how much time you have to go back to the homeland. Validate your financial and coverage of dental procedures **. ** The very painful tooth so it's pretty unpleasant affair, especially when the treatment for you to pay a considerable amount.

In terms of the contract is worth a read, ** on what the insurance does not apply **. Exceptions may be many – from the injuries of specific types of sports injuries after a drunk.

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