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Current trends in post-secondary language learning Added:6.6. 2010
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Current trends in post-secondary language learning

Learning a foreign language never released out of fashion – and certainly not one of expediency. He was well aware of this as well as language schools and other educational companies, which provide the possibility of post-secondary language study. Even when offered the English language is still prevalent, beginning with their platform after all attractively grow. Failure has not even Japanese.

The pros and cons of post-secondary language education we have already mentioned our server several times. Among its strengths include the ability to clearly and strongly under the supervision of studying a certain language that is now very good deposits for future job or study opportunity to end the state-and internationally-recognized test for different levels of knowledge. Finally, it is also – unless you get on the school immediately after graduation – the maintenance of student status with all its advantages (ISIC card qualify for state-funded health and social insurance, the possibility of student discounts, etc.). Peter Moravek from the training center among other reasons to study a foreign language is in the context of post-secondary studies, should also be benefits associated with studying in a small group of students or certain „freedom“. Basic teaching without any additional courses usually takes only 16–20 hours a week, so students have time for other activities.

. <> * *** In the post-secondary studies can choose from several languages ​​(photo: stock.xchng) *

From beginner language tests

Another advantage of post-secondary studies, according to representatives of some language schools, the speed with which the students within it, some of the world's languages ​​to learn. * During one school year, students can draw from absolute beginner to the B2 level, a level sufficient for passing the state language exam. In our school you can study a combination of languages. Students can pass in one school year and two state exams, „says Denise * Blatna the Pelican Studio Brno. Peter Padolsky One World Presto estimated speed of intensive language training in postsecondary courses for three to four times higher than the "traditional“ teaching spread over four years in high school where they teach other subjects.

  • „Today, students have viewed the language as a school, an alternative solution.“ Quite the contrary. The law in our country is built so that only students who have taken up immediately after graduation in language schools are entitled to that paid for them to become social and health insurance. So if you want to enroll in one or more foreign languages ​​is advantageous for them to take the first and only language school in the following year to report on high, "says Denise * Blatna.

=== As of mid

Among the disadvantages of some post-secondary education for example then you can arrange a similar scheme compulsory attendance at secondary school or a relatively high tuition fees – it is in our average is around 30,000 crowns a year. Of course the majority of language schools have, however, is that if you sign up for a course, immediately pay the school fees and then after all you get to college is the amount you paid is refunded in full.

As a „bonus“ or other language preparatory course

Many language schools, at least the smaller ones, offer their courses in post-secondary education, only the English language, but some have expanded their offerings. * In addition to English in our study may also German, Spanish, French or Russian, „confirms Denis * Blatna. And this school is definitely not the only extended range of reports and some other schools we surveyed. Many institutions and further provide other educational "extras“ such as opportunities to gain the basic language and another language (in addition to the above can be selected anywhere from Italian, or Japanese), or combine your language learning with preparation for exams for college . For example, by the Tutor training people will be able to enrich their study of such a course devoted to testing whether the OSP and TSP or a preparatory course in mathematics at the Faculty of Economics and Psychology. * „Success at the entrance exams for students of the preparatory courses of up to 95%,“ says Matthew Dvorsky * from this company.

=== Prevail fledgling graduates

According to our respondents remain language schools in recent years, despite increasingly interested in more options, where after graduating from high school take, mostly level. The vast majority of students at these schools are just fledgling graduates. * 90% of the students reported to us after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, one third of the study is not seriously interested and wants to simply use the option of one-year study. The rest are students who already have a high school diploma behind them. Their goal is to rapidly and intensively to learn English, „* says Peter Moravek. The Pelican JŁ, according to Denise Blatne that ratio even higher. * About one fifth of students come to our school after an interruption of study at college or studying at a language school job. "* According to Petra Padolské constitute a significant proportion of students of universities, where language teaching is not put so much emphasis, and so decided to study the language of "sideways“.

For schools, secondary vocational schools from „jazykovek“

Even though it might seem that the post-secondary language study will be more interested students based more on humanities oriented schools, the composition of students is much broader. * „From our survey of postsecondary students in English classes last year showed that most students are graduates of secondary vocational schools (industrial, hotel, business academy, etc.), most of whom either did not plan to submit your application to university. The second most common case of schools, students who did not get to college through the admission process, "confirms * Matthew Dvorsky. According to Denise Blatne pomaturitnímu education often report very good language skills people .* "Students come to us even from the language schools where they get the chance to pass the state graduation exam.“ * The majority of graduates of post-secondary studies subsequently reported high school. However, it has some pre-conceive rather as a step towards better employment or are based on knowledge acquired later vycestovávají for work or study abroad.

. <> * *** How many languages ​​you know, the more you're a person (photo: Lucie Black, *

=== How to choose a school

Menu language schools providing post-secondary education is now very rich. His course, however, you not only choose by price, driving distance and offer language, but you should they find out, inter alia:

  • What is the percentage of students in the final language examinations (These numbers, however, publish their own school – any statistics on success, do not lead anywhere centrally)
  • Whether the courses are taught by Czech teachers only, or even native speakers (note, citizenship or nationality of the speaker does not just his name!)
  • What teaching materials during the works (they rarely show only the names of textbooks from which students will learn, but rarely encounter data accompanying literature or materials (audio or audiovisual recordings, tests, etc..), Which underlie individual teachers – such information should, however, you may be particularly useful when you find the same materials that you obtained while you study in high school or other course)
  • Whether the total price for the studies included in the price for study materials, any event held during the year or the fee for the final exam – especially the last item mentioned is the climb up to the amount několikatisícové
  • What is your chosen school references (here you need to realize that even though they may be responses to be posted on the website of each school are true and positive, their primary purpose is in the majority of cases attract potential students to choose the right school)
  • What is the school facilities and particularly its academic, social or sporting facilities or
  • Whether the school collaborates with another, Czech Republic or abroad, the school

Author: Černá, Lucie

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