Students can participate in next year's Czech title Added:27.5. 2010
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Students can participate in next year's Czech title

Czech Title Company, Ltd. announced the latest edition of the Czech Head **. ** It is organized under the project the same name, whose origins date back to 2002 and is primarily aimed „to popularize science and increase the social prestige of local technical and scientific workers as the main contributors to the economic prosperity of the country.“ The granting of national awards Czech head is the culmination of the annual activities that are project-linked head of Czech. These prices are always transmitted most significant figures in science and technology for their current activities and accomplishments.

In this year's competition will be announced six categories. Students of bachelor's and master's degree is intended primarily category ** Gaudeamus Prize PSB **, where the winner awarded a prize for the most outstanding achievement, or professional or scientific activities. The condition is that the participant was a citizen of the Czech Republic in the period of one year before the deadline for applications was the proper status of university students and in this period of study successfully completed. The winner receives prize money of 60 000 crowns.

Kromě above categories may be students of bachelor and master programs and to report to the others, except for the Industries, MIT Prize, where the winner can only company Doctorandus and categories, prices for the Czech Head Foundation, which is intended only to doctoral students .

The deadline for applications for all categories of the 30th ** June 2010 **. Gala gala Czech Head project takes place on 14 November 2010.

For more information visit the websites of the project Czech Head ":….

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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