UHK has a new Faculty of Science Added:23.5. 2010
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UHK has a new Faculty of Science

Academic Senate, University of the prior approval of the accreditation committee approved the formation of a new part of the school and from 1 September 2010 officially opens its own Science. The department created departments of biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer science from the parent Faculty of Education.

The said department operate branches of bachelor, master and doctoral studies, namely the systematic biology and ecology, physical-technical measurements and computer technology, industrial safety in non-manufacturing sector and the financial and actuarial mathematics. Therefore, although the candidates claiming to be those courses will not pass an entrance examination to the Faculty of Education, enrollment in the new academic year has officially become students of the Faculty. From 1 September 2010 will educate Faculty total of about seven hundred students.

In addition to this internal restructuring, the university plans in the coming years to complete a university campus to confluence, which was designed specifically for the Faculty of Science. Final building permit for him, while a positive assessment of the acceptability of the project from the Ministry of Education awarded the University in March. Now the ministry assessed the project application for funding the building of the University of sciences of the Operational Programme for Development Research and Innovation. The final statement seems to fit this summer.

If the university succeeds, it will build the site in spring 2011 and should be completed two years later. Later this year, the University wants to spend eight million crowns on the restructuring of the Faculty of Education, with a greater portion of the money will go towards strengthening the teaching staff personnel and modernization of laboratories.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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