National Student Design Award for 2010 Added:30.5. 2010
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National Student Design Award for 2010

Cabinet Design UK, together with the participating universities and colleges, the Association of secondary and higher vocational schools with art and artistic disciplines, the Union of Visual Artists Republic, the Union of professional designers, Czech Republic, axes, and the Society of Architects announces another year of national competition for the National Prize ** the Student Design **.

The competition is to engage students of secondary vocational schools, colleges, colleges and universities who are studying in the Czech Republic, regardless of nationality, or students (only with Czech citizenship), studying at foreign schools of visual orientation . It can participate as well as graduates who left school at the summer semester 2010, for their school or for themselves. In all categories, both to individuals and the entire creative team. Participants can enter the competition log vintage, clausura, semester, graduation, diploma, graduation, as well as other custom work from the widest range of design included under the term that arose after 1 January 2008 and were recorded in previous years the competition.

Applications must be sent no later than 18th ** June 2010 **, exhibits itself from secondary schools and colleges will be accepted until Monday 28th ** June 2010 **. Deadline for colleges and universities will be determined by the end of Semester and Master's theses and evaluation in schools. The competition is three rounds.

Winners of the nominated works will receive awards Good Student Design 2010 and the Excellent Student Design 2010 (both prices can get up to 10 works) and one gets the work of the National Student Design Award for the 2010th All are also associated with a number of other material, finances and other prizes. Odměněným, as well as the nominee, but nevítězným work can also be granted a special price. Will also be awarded additional prizes in the categories by which the price Journalists and the public. Announcement of results take place on 11 November 2010 and that same evening, will officially open a new traveling exhibition (of) God! National Student Design Award for the 2010th

For more information, visit the „Foundation Design Cabinet CZ.“: Http://­­rodni-cena-za-studentsky-design-2010

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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