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I'm not going to university, where now? Added:9.6. 2010
Updated:6.6. 2011
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I'm not going to university, where now?

Who has over twenty years old and not in college, it seems suspicious. But why? Sometimes you just choose an atypical way of life and not be another type of study. If you came this letter with the desired decision on acceptance or have hesitated in submitting applications, whether studying at college for you, let us outline a short list of possibilities that exist.

** Private ** School

For most areas there is an alternative in the form of teaching at a private school, where most decisions about adoption of proof of payment of fees. Applications may be submitted throughout the summer and the beginning of September. An idea of ​​the differences in the study of private and public schools can do in „this article“:…em/index.php?….

** ** Language School

It may be a language school for those who get to college, provide useful additional year. Students will maintain student status, gets more time for decision on their future educational orientation and to obtain new knowledge. Since language school takes up so much time teaching as a high school and left with enough time to prepare for summer jobs and more successful attempt at overcoming the entrance.

** Zero year, preparatory courses and evening classes **

Who is firmly committed to the specific field and knows that others will want to address, the year after graduation to take advantage of a thorough preparation for entrance exams. As the preparatory courses to wait, you can read in „this article“:…em/index.php?… that offered zero classes „here“: ttp: / / www / system / index.php? article = 2040 & id = 2375th Needless to say, however, offer limited company focusing on přijímačkové tests. Each field will certainly find a course or a ring which may help to gain new knowledge and experience – from drawing up the acting, for example in the „evening school“:…em/index.php article = 2040 & id = 3269th

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What now? The school or the world? (Photo: stock.xchng)

Lifelong learning ** **

Some universities offer unsuccessful tenderers the opportunity to study the field of lifelong learning. Those who succeed in the next academic year to study to get through the regular admissions, the study commenced may continue as a standard students. More on lifelong learning can be read „here“:…em/index.php?….

** The second high school? **

Perhaps the least typical of the fate of post-secondary path may lead through another secondary school. The study on it is free, but carries a lot of other negatives – mandatory attendance classmates' nevrstevníky „or extending financial dependence on parents. About how a post-secondary studies may help to enter college, you can read the article "Here“:…em/index.php?….

Discovering the World ** **

Adventurous way to learn a foreign language and gain invaluable experience, is to go with a bag of cakes to foreign lands. In the Czech Republic there are plenty of agencies that can arrange accommodations with a serious work almost anywhere in the world. They are not just about an au pair, or help in cleaning the kitchen. In what countries offer different options, you can look into the „first“: a…em/index.php?… „Second“:…em/index.php?… article on the topic, where you can read and experience-pairky „of Scotland“: http://www.vysokeskoly. com / system / index.php? article = 2040 & id = 2308th

** ** Volunteering

Another form of works can also be work camps and voluntary actions, which you can find out more „Here“:…em/index.php?…, many of them but allows the student time. Although the work throughout the year is looking more difficult, and less participation in the project can bring in extra points, or future employer during an interview during the recruitment process.

** Work, work, work **

Telling about graduation, it is a test of maturity is a cliché. Of what really brings maturity and the resulting responsibility, one finds the best in the process. He knows what they cost money, and what problems revolve around them. Tax returns, taking leave, probation, day stereotype – Get up! Most people actually learn in practice, but practice should become the theoretical training they provide is high school. Despite the fact that mandatory practice is becoming more and more can also be part of the study. But who still crave financial independence and believes that good work can be found even without a title can look in the „article“:…em/index.php?… with frequently asked questions for the interview to work and try your luck.

However, if still in doubt, try whether any additional admissions and finally set foot on campus, try to read „this article“:…em/index.php?… and more once all think. Good luck with your decision!

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