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Jiri Madl: it taught me not to be afraid of confrontation Added:26.5. 2010
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Jiri Madl: it taught me not to be afraid of confrontation

At his age, is already quite large globetrotter. Despite its broad interests poised and has plans for his future clear. It is open, confident and not afraid to speak out loud about their opinions. Not only could be described Mádl George, whose name has recently inflects most probably in connection with the election clip „Entice's buff.“

  • Jiri Madl (23) was born in the Czech Budejovice, where he also attended elementary school and, consequently, Episcopal High School. First came to Prague to study at the Faculty of Arts, but eventually settled down at the University of Jan Amos Comenius (UJAK) which still studying the field of social and mass communication. He is the film, sports, foreign languages, writing screenplays and advertising slogans and now we can see him on the stage. The Theater on the Balustrade in these days is trying a new, English spoken a game with Czech subtitles A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians, that there will be premiered in June .*

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Jiri Madl is a man of many interests, now we can see it on the stage (source:

** At your age you are, during studies, traveled quite a bit. Where have you been for example? **

Even in the middle half of the year I studied in Austria, the school in Kremstmünsteru. During college I was on several language courses in London, New York, Venice, Berlin and Taormina.

** Why did you decide to study language intensively? **

This is mainly due to the fact that my grandfather speaks fluently seven foreign languages, so I was led to do enough. We started Latin and English, and later taught me German. I myself have started with the Italian, because Italian grandfather probably knows best, so I told him I make myself happy and I started to study at the Italian Institute.

** Can you compare study at foreign schools with ours? **

Perhaps the medium in Austria it was pretty similar, only there was placed greater emphasis on Latin than us. There Latin permeated almost all subjects. The only thing that bothered me slightly was that compared to Czech schools there lasts 50 minutes and break a five, then ten minutes long. It was pretty rough (laughter).

** And if you were to compare their experience of language courses? **

So here care enough … Perhaps the school where I was in Italy, had a really high level and could see how they try to teachers. Maybe it's the fact that Italian does not make so many people that it is not so popular. In this I was perhaps fortunate, because what I heard, when one chooses a turističtější city and local schools usually rely on the fact that more students are going there on holiday and like it a little tickle the tongue. And what is to be English is concerned, there I said from my experience that in England is that much better level than in the States.

** Are you going to soon have on some other course? **

Now in summer I go back to the language course to Italy, in Salerno, or about to Siena, and then I still plan to Vienna.

** And as such broad language skills at all are you going to use? **

I do not know, I'm just having fun. I would like to pursue international relations, so I have to always sort of gravitate. In addition, I need some really fun read authors in the original, because I feel that this is something completely different.

** What do you read for example? **

How about Kundera's novels, the latest is not translated into Czech. I read his slowness or identity – even if only in English, French, I was never taught. Ted taught, but I left it because I did not enjoy (laugh). Ability to foreign languages ​​is definitely an advantage, because man is due to get a completely new things, and necessary in the media, because not everything translates for us.

** You were talking about that you want to pay international relations. But now studying UJAK, field focused more on sociology and communication. What were your original vision for your future career? **

I wanted to do either psychology or sociology, as one branch and the second branch has been either a journalist or scriptwriting. And this subject at UJAK gave me the possibility of giving up either one. Moreover, I came here to meet with an individual plan, which I unfortunately psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, which I studied right after high school, went wrong, so I'm learning more able.

** Are you planning to study in the future for some other school? **

Next year I'm going in January for the Digital Film Academy in New York, where I studied directing and screenwriting. I was there three months when I had completed a course Filmmaking, and I really liked it. When I get back, I would go either to international relations, or finish a master's in mass media, it remains to be seen.

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At his age, George is behind a fairly rich filmography (source:

** If you already so much věnuješ writing, you're going to do something specifically to apply in future practice? **

Definitely. I actually write it all her life, for me it is such a fundamental way of expression. So many times, too much writing text messages rather than call. But prefer to be writing essays or reflections, something that has a juice and a joke. And the script. This will actually go back to what I always wanted to do. Before, I had actively devoted to hockey, but even then I knew that if I make a living playing hockey, so I write. And I was eighteen in hockey broke his arm in six parts, so I really can not play …

** When we have touched on the screenwriting … You also initiated the clip „Entice buff“? **

No, my initiative is not entirely. I just never made no secret of his political opinion and I never shy away from conversations with political issues, so that someone at that age interested in politics, suddenly could be interesting for someone, otherwise the interest is today among the young, in my view quite tragic . Maybe that's why me Peter (Zelenka, director of the clip – ed. Cars.) Also noticed and approached me. Otherwise, the initiative was originally about all of the association de-which turned to Peter Zelenka with the fact that they needed to do something.

** The clip you're talking about mostly as a kind of appeal to the young, to go vote. But in addition it is clear that not only persuade the young to come to the polls, but to vote for Left …**

It went to the young vote is really the primary purpose of the clip. But if you want to convince someone to go vote, and convince him about, without saying what you think. If we just said ‚Go vote‘, so today I think nobody cares about. Such initiatives have been before us several and no one is ever listening. In fact, we have to create this clip all agreed, so therefore we are in him were so specific.

** They came before you by creating this clip of some specific data from which you could deduce what is the interest of all first-time voters and young people to go to the polls? **

Yes, this we dohledávali. Of course this is a bit from year to year varies, but generally it is the same. This year will probably be the highest attendance, although I do not know if it's just us.

** The video you were shooting in August. Why come to light now? **

In August we were shooting, because the election was originally intended to be in the fall. So we shot it, but we failed to remove it immediately. This year should appear on the site until about two weeks before the election, but – at least from what I hear – the daughter of engineer accidentally deleted it before. She thought that it will not be found on the Internet, but soon noticed the clip editors from Mlada fronta … But it ultimately was about right. The whole thing is then tipped in a discussion not only that someone said that someone offends someone or someone persuades, but mainly in the discussion of what we wanted. In something big and serious.

** What are you personally met those reactions? **

So of course there are both positive and negative. But funny is that every time someone asks me the reaction, usually called, was great, but these reactions are probably wrong, right? "And that's exactly it. But I always explain to such a man: exactly, you agree with us, but you do not need nowhere to scream that you agree with us, you do not need to write about it in newspapers a three essays. Most had mostly screaming, those who disagree with us. Yet those positive reactions lead over those negative for about nine to one.

** And how then learn about the positive responses when you talk about them so much? **

Most commonly through the mails. A lot of them walk me through my website or send them forwards television, where people write, who do not contact us. Such mails we got an awful lot. Perhaps among the young, where the majority of political beliefs quite well known, clearly outweigh the positive. As far as non-political reactions, so you usually criticize the form, according to them it is vulgar and tasteless.

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"It taught me not to be afraid to say something and go into confrontation, "says George Madl (source:

** And you think about it? When you look at the clip backwards, you changed anything on it? **

First of all I would dare argue with anyone about whether it's tasteless, as a matter of taste is a subjective thing. I just want to say, as Larry Flynt also said, if you do not like it, so do not look at it. The Internet is a medium for all, plus there's an awful lot of information, so if he wants to see you through, it must be some way socially incorrect. Yes, this clip is perhaps a combination of insolence and incorrectness, but mainly also serious arguments that politicians like trying to ignore and just accentuate rather only the vulgarity. Personally, I'd clip on it but did not change anything. I was just full of it to express themselves and still I am.

** Recently, in politics enough flourishes negative campaign, which faced strong criticism in total. Do you feel that your clip is actually a kind of negative campaign? **

Of course, a person can translate it as a negative campaign, even though it was not the primary purpose. But what makes me interesting finding is that when they criticize each other two political parties, intellectuals and everyone is asleep. But now you see that reaction in us, our citizenship, which is something completely different. We do not in parliament and talking dirty to each other. And suddenly it all matters. And I think it's just good for awareness – because then what is the role of the artist in society? Either it is a figure, entertainer or advertising salesman, or is a citizen who has a chance to talk. And I feel that once a person feels a threat and has the possibility to change something, then just for themselves just have consciousness.

** If someone ever asked a similar event again, you went into it? **

I think that whenever I feel any threat that now really and truly feel, so I will not be afraid to say something, because this is probably the worst thing you can do. But again I would not want zasytit. Many people around us wanted a sequel, but we call them, that we have already met her. If we ever again feel the need to do something, so we do that, but now it definitely will not somehow dissolve. For myself I have to admit that the media lynching was immense, and the more you may never experience the, but at least it taught me not to be afraid to say something and go into confrontation because if you do something with conviction, so it's very easy to defend.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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