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What to wear to graduation? Added:29.5. 2010
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What to wear to graduation?

  • Leaving the commission of each test is measured from head to toe. In the first place certainly follows the student's know­ledge, but also the appearance is part of the presentation and some impropriety might distract the jury unfavorably. So how do you adjust the D-Day? *

== Dudes in suits

Gentlemen, forgive me, that will moderately odbydeme advice today, but you must admit that the lady is choosing the right dress somewhat more complicated. You can get by – and nothing better and more suitable, you can not find – a classic suit ** **, ie. including jacket trousers (jeans to try not to think).

[* Oblek.jpg. (The classic nothing nezkazíte photo: <] * *** The classic nothing nezkazíte (photo: *

Because it is summer and will graduate in daylight, it is not necessary that it was a black suit. You may also consider a lighter color. Likewise, the choice of shirt you do not choose a neutral white. Lawful to you, for example cream, blue, red, purple or pink, can not go wrong if you touch on these shades. Shirts can also be decorated with a fine stripe, but gardening plaid and Hawaiian wilderness alá Ondrej Hejma keep in the closet for another occasion. As for the tie, it certainly nothing nezkazíte and again, save the singularity at another time.

If the tie but do not feel comfortable – and comfort is very important at GCSE – select a shirt called „open-necked.“ It has a modified collar to make it look elegant without tie clipped. The last and inalienable part of the shoe – a dark suit choose dark to the light brighter, in both cases, social shoes. Sneakers or kicked botasky in combination with a suit has quite disparate and cheaply.

[* Orig_boty.jpg. (Only social Shoes! Photo: stock.xchng) <] * *** shoes just society! (Photo: stock.xchng) *

Ladies == == how they are Female part maturanstva can not count as a universal solution as the suit. You can choose one of these options: ladies' dress (or trousers with a skirt), party pants with blouse, blouse and skirt with an elegant dress. Costume sometimes has a rather conservative appearance, it ozvláštníte color-coordinated scarf, blouse, or a decent jewel in the complementary color. Fresh and younger look achieved one of the other combinations. For pants, avoid denim and corduroy, choose elegant materials. Editing can be looser and upnutější, depending on what you will feel more natural, but rather a drop in reduced waist too. Peeping underwear when bending or sitting down can upjatější of commission rather offend, not to mention the solemn looks really does not add.

Short and revealing? At the high school diploma not

Follow the same rule in the selection of skirts. Skirts should also not be too short. The denim mini head out to the disco instead, the graduation comes in with a maximum length skirt to the knee, nor higher bit. Under the skirt, tights remember. The same rule also applies to dress. In terms of colors and designs dresses and skirts to orient rather monochromatic, with less noticeable sampling. Big colorful flowers or blatantly puntíkům Wave goodbye for once.

[* 05.jpg. (Revealed shoulders, big cleavage and a short denim skirt – so do not go to graduation photo-goose-) <] * Revealed *** shoulders, big cleavage and a short denim skirt – so do not go to graduation (photo: -geese-) *

And no „rush“ would not be allowed to dress or blouse. Elegance can have color and pizzazz while, but with the circus flood of different shades and prints and shapes your hand does not. Neither ostentation and provocativeness in this case wear. The deep cleavage, bare shoulders and bare backs Any woman can attract men's eyes assessors. On the other hand, stand out from the conventions of etiquette do not have to pay. You can understand it is also so that gaps in knowledge to vynahrazovat physical advantages, which – admit themselves – is rather cheap approach.

In colder days you serve good jacket. Slightly tight also nicely emphasizes femininity figure.

[* 12.jpg. (Sako serve in the colder days of photo-goose-) <] * *** Sako serve in the colder days (photo:-goose-) *

Put ​​on and go to

Finally, you must tune your outfit by becoming boots. Are convenient heel shoes. The less you are accustomed to heels, the lower and wider heels wear. Take your shoes on the needles, if you catch at every step, balance, definitely does not make sense. And if you ever nepřátelíte with heels, ballerina Put. Finally, the need to hide her purse.

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