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Five questions for ... Tomas Sedlacek Added:4.6. 2010
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Five questions for ... Tomas Sedlacek

Enumerate all the achievements, which succeeded in leading Czech economist Tomas Sedlacek (33) for his short life so far achieved, it embarked on many lines. It is among other things, a former adviser to Vaclav Havel and Bohuslav Sobotka, CSOB strategist, a member of NERV. In addition to specialized texts in the past year has also published a book Economics of Good and Evil. What good and evil brought him studio?

** What college did you study and why you chose for her then? **

Bachelor's and Master's program I attended at the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University in Prague. I also studied at Yale and worked with Georgetown University and Harvard University. When selecting a course, many deciding factors. A big attraction for me was that at that time transformed the company. It was the second half of the nineties and institutional changes in the extent and with such wide impact, which then took place, are a dream for every economist. Talked about unrealistic air locks, changes not only had to make, but they were wanted. In addition, I was into them and me as a young person could actively participate, which was incredible challenge for me.

** What you could study at a university in terms of your current profession? **

A lot. Trying to think independently and critically, outside the ruts. All suspect and attack in order to see the world differently than those before me. And when it is inspired by real people. I recognized the economic logic of built space and its instruments – as well as its limitations – and realized the high demand nemanipulativní work with numbers. I am also grateful for the uneconomic subjects dokreslování complex image and context.

** If you had to choose again today, what you studied and where? **

I would not change. I'm happy with the choice of economics at Charles University. I enjoy philosophy, psychology, literature, anthropology, theology – but prefer to leave them as love. Love, in which they do not earn.

** What do you mind when someone asks for your „student life“? **

First, I recall the night probděné study, enthusiasm and disappointment when learning about economics, friends, mutual assistance both in the matrix as well as in, ahem, hangover, unfamiliar concepts and exciting fights of beer. We felt like heroes of ancient times, when we discover new things, rebelled and wanted a better world.

** What would you say to or advise those who wish to report on the field that you have studied or are considering similar professional career? **

Be excited about the new! It is good to realize the limits of economics, but not to discourage them. Economics is still changing and developing economy keeps us in a beautiful tension. And I would recommend going abroad. Oh and most importantly: a lot to read, read a lot of crazy. With pencil in hand. Books underlining, cuts and rewrite!

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