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Five questions for ... Erazim Kohaku Added:14.6. 2010
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Five questions for ... Erazim Kohaku

Environmental issues, which are increasingly getting into the spotlight of the media and politicians, all of my life dealing with important Czech philosopher, professor of political thought Erazim (77). He studied in America, to their homeland, after 1989, returned here and now teaches at Charles University and devoted to journalism. What fate awaits according to Mr. Kohaku student of philosophy courses? He chose to study abroad again?

** What high school did you study and why you chose for her then? **

I studied the first cycle at Colgate University in upstate New York, the second cycle of the Yale Graduate Schoul. To study in the United States, I decided: Communist coup decided for me. We poúnoroví refugees to the USA we got as farmhands. Colgate University, I chose because it gave me a scholarship for tuition and because the village was Gasoline where I could work night and day to go to lectures. The second cycle I won a national contest of fifty-four-year scholarships Danforth, with whom I could study anywhere. New Haven, Yale and Harvard in Boston at that time were the two best universities in America, I chose Yale because there I could study the traditional philosophy and theology, while Harvard has focused closely on the English logical positivism. I chose these subjects because I wanted my country to be useful, and once I get back, and I assumed that theologians and philosophers are not communists power to bring up. I was right.

** What do you put a college education in terms of your current profession? **

It gave me my lifelong profession – all my life I was all life, a philosopher and university teacher of philosophy. In my field, I can become recognized (American) writer – and the opportunity to return after November to succeed in both capacities in his homeland as a Czech teacher and writer. I think I could contribute to restoring the nation to his teaching job, his books and journalism. For both owe their education.

** If you could choose again today, what you studied and where? He chose you as an opportunity to study abroad? **

Again, I studied philosophy, this time at Charles University. Every effort would, however, I could spend a year in English, French and German-speaking country because of language training. Doctorate and habilitation I would have done in the Czech Republic, I focused on the Czech philosophy.

** What do you think of when you say „student life“? **

Hard work, constant lack of sleep, frequent food shortages – and the vast horizons of the excitement that I opened the study, perhaps the most significant meeting with the newly released book Husserl's Die krisis der Europäischen Wissenschaften Tillichovou and The Courage to Be.

** What would you say to those who wish to report on the field that you studied you, eventually. considering a similar professional path? **

From the study of philosophy and from kantořiny, which is essentially the only way you as a philosopher to make a living, and certainly do not expect too much fame, fortune and beautiful women (hence male). It is more realistic to expect a lower than average consumption level, more on holidays than on Lipno Hawaii, flat on the estate rather than a suburban villa in the business. No, I still do not have a car – and do not desire it. This is the second page: it is realistic to expect that this will all be noise-and-a do not care, because you will depend on quite other matters, such as friendship, the joy of youth, adventure and the thought of living the fulfillment of knowing that doing something important, that you are doing well and that those on whom you care, appreciate it. Only extremely careful when choosing a husband / wife – it must be someone who looks at life just like you.

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