The graduation rehearsal is registered 88.5% of secondary schools and colleges Added:1.6. 2010
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The graduation rehearsal is registered 88.5% of secondary schools and colleges

The Project Graduation rehearsal MAG'10 that has tested the readiness of the current version of the new GCSE in 2011, she enrolled the majority of secondary schools and vocational schools across the Czech Republic. The CERMAT organization that has provided training graduation exams in charge, came to 1141 entries out of 1289 possible.

Altogether, therefore, the graduation rehearsal enrolled 88.5 percent of all schools with more than 92 percent of the total number of pupils in the Czech Republic, the number of registered schools has exceeded the six-tenths of the border regions of the CR.

In the next three weeks will be the project MAG'10 logging on individual schools pupils. Each of his choice items and the difficulty level of the common tests planned school-leaving examination, or, if the balance between mathematics and foreign language or two foreign languages, he can choose and test the third. The offer will be a total of 14 tests in the Czech language and literature, mathematics and five languages.

The actual testing will take place within MAG'10 in schools from 11 to 14 October 2010 under a single test pattern. The results of pupils get at least 10 days before they will submit an application for graduation sharp. In addition to his own ideas about the difficulty of tests due to rehearsal gain direct experience with how the tests are organized and how they will proceed. Detailed information about the course MAG'10 are available on the website „www.novamatu­“:, under the heading Graduation rehearsal.

Source: „Press Release CERMATu“:…4034547.html

Author: Černá, Lucie

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