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New government student loans Added:7.6. 2010
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New government student loans

Undergraduate students will now be able to borrow from the state to 54,000 crowns a year. In addition, introduced a system of student grants and savings, which should at least partially aid, especially for those students who are not sufficient funds from its own resources or family loans. At its meeting at the end of May, the government. The system should start paying apparently from 2012, until then will be even more specific.

The approved proposal to the Government by the Minister of Education, Miroslava Kopicová, inter alia, that the repayment of government loans, students will be able to begin until after graduation, and under relatively favorable interest rate conditions. The minimum monthly installment should be about 500 crowns. The plan also envisages the student grant, which should consist of a monthly allowance of about 967 crowns for the newly designated nastoupivší undergraduates. This amount corresponds to the tax relief they have received the parent for a dependent child, which every student is under 26 years of age. Recently, this post should just travel directly to students. Received a grant will have to return only those who completed the study. The last major part of the approved plan is also saving for the future education of the child that his parents can come into force since its birth, as is the case for saving the building.

All these forms of student support designed to relieve the family budget, and depending on the students' parents or relatives. The new system should also teach students responsibility and independence. Currently works in a similar version of the example in the Scandinavian countries, where the authors of the proposal, led by sociologist Peter Matějů inspiration.

The newly introduced student loans would unwittingly be a sort of precursor to the transition system of compulsory fees. Where does the government get the ODS, the Top 09 and Public Affairs, the party that in their election programs, signaled plans to introduce tuition fees, those fees will be at public universities probably introduced from 2013. The principle of determining the amount, repayment terms (whether it will happen a year or after graduation) or the precise method of selection, however, has not exactly set out. There is also talk about increasing age associated with a range of financial relief, which is now 26 years old, and grants for socially disadvantaged or disabled students.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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