A new course at the University of South Bohemia: English Language and Literature Added:5.6. 2010
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A new course at the University of South Bohemia: English Language and Literature

From next academic year 2010/2011 gaining momentum Arts University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice new ** Bachelor degree English Language and Literature **. Will it be studied in full form in combination with history, bohemica, German language and literature, French language and literature, Spanish language and literature and Italian language and literature. The core area will consist of the literary part, be it a document which, it will work here internally renowned translator of the works of William Shakespeare Martin Hilský **. **

Graduates can work as a professional anglisté or continue in the upcoming Master navazujícícm field. Armed with knowledge of English will be at the level C1 Common European framework of history and literature of English-language skills of translation and interpretation of literary texts, of course there are also linguistic knowledge and an overview of cultural news.

Applicants can apply up to 31 ** ** July 2010, envisages the adoption of Science 50 students. The admission procedure will consist of two rounds – the written and oral. It is expected that candidates dominate the English language at least level B1. Detailed information is published University „here“: http://www.ff.jcu.cz/…_AJ-1011.pdf.

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