COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Physics I. Added:11.6. 2010
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  • If Newton or Einstein today were going to college, you might have wondered to what extent is now studying physics. To get at the tangle of branches lost, we bring you a small guide. The first part will focus on the Masaryk University, Charles University, the Technical University in Liberec and University of South Bohemia .*

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

FIELDS bachelor's degree Undergraduate courses at Charles University are studying both in full or in combined form. They focus more generally, students may specialize by selecting optional subjects. Faculty will admit applicants without entrance examinations.

** General Physics: ** Branch provides a comprehensive amount of knowledge of theoretical and experimental physics through its subspecialties. Graduates are prepared to enter into the practical work (eg in astronomy, optics and meteorology), and also to establish more specialized in the field of master study. ** Applied Physics: ** in applied physics is more likely part of the experimental field. Moreover, it is added to file the necessary mathematical knowledge. During his studies he meet with a number of practical exercises in the third semester dedicated to your selected area. Application in practice can be in jobs with an emphasis on practical application of acquired skills without any ambition to advanced scientific research. ** Physics focusing on education: ** The course is divided into two study plans – teaching for middle and elementary schools. Physics is also offered in combination with mathematics. The field is oriented more as a thorough foundation for master's study, which may not necessarily be the focus of teaching.

FIELDS master's program The master's program must pass an entrance examination. This is an industry-test consisting of 4 physical problems, if the teaching fields of two physical and two mathematical tasks. Candidates can still apply for a waiver exam, if successfully completed their study of physics bachelor's degree or Bachelor's degree in their relevant training courses.

In the study of Astronomy and Astrophysics ** ** the students acquainted with basic knowledge about the functioning of the universe. Most continue to doctoral studies at astronomical sites or be applied in educational institutions, observatories and planetariums. Basic physical skills acquired in the bachelor study applies ** Biophysics and Chemical Physics ** on chemical and biological molecules by examining the themes, biopolymers, supramolecular systems and biological objects. Graduates will primarily apply to positions that apply the methods of biology, physics and chemistry, as well as in medicine or pharmacy, or ecology. ** Condensed Systems Physics and Materials ** provides graduates with a flexible implementation. Careers can be found in the basic physical, chemical and biomedical research at universities, laboratories of applied material research and testing laboratories in industry and institutions for the preservation and modification of material. ** Physics of surfaces and ionized environment ** combines modern diagnostic methods in materials science, vacuum and plasma technology, production of electronic components, controlled thermonuclear fusion and space research. ** ** Geophysics used to study the Earth and its vicinity physical methods, including some of the topics include earthquakes, seismic waves, gravity and electromagnetic field of the Earth.

[* Http://www.sxc­.hu/pic/m/g/gw/gwhan­cock/848995_mau­na_kea_observa­tory.jpg. (Graduates of Astronomy and Astrophysics is applied among others in planetariums and observatories (photo: stock.xchng)>] ** * Graduates of Astronomy and Astrophysics is applied among others in planetariums and observatories (photo: stock.xchng) *

** The Nuclear and particle physics ** students will interfere with the examination of the structure of matter, particle physics and high energy physics, their knowledge can be applied to work with a nuclear device in medicine and industry. ** Mathematical and Computer Modelling in Physics and Engineering ** learn how to create physical models combine a balanced mathematical and physics lectures. The hydrodynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere comes ** ** Meteorology and Climatology, which offers listeners a wide range of knowledge of atmospheric processes. ** ** Optics and optoelectronics provides students the opportunity to examine the properties of light and methods and components for optical communication and optical communication processing. Rather, access to scientific work is characterized by ** ** Theoretical Physics, which in terms of topics is fairly broad focus in modern physical theories.

Charles University also offers two teaching fields, and ** Physics Teacher for Secondary Schools in combination with professional physics ** and ** Physics-Mathematics Teaching for Secondary Schools ** to the full-fledged vocational training adding subjects pedagogical-psychological specialization.

For detailed information visit the „Site of Mathematics and Physics Faculty“:…ium/uchazec/.

Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Science

FIELDS bachelor's degree At Masaryk University physics can be studied in two branches. The physics program of study are displayed three disciplines. ** ** Physics as a discipline provides the general physical education with an emphasis on practical applications and laboratory work. It is assumed that its graduates will continue to follow-up Masters field. Last year he registered 83 candidates, of which 30 were adopted. In the field of Biophysics ** ** are enriched with basic knowledge of the physical links to chemistry, biochemistry and biology. Also this course is primarily intended to continue the master's studio. Last year it signed up 25 candidates and received the 9th ** Archeology is studying Physics with a focus on education **. Focused, like the previous fields in the fundamental knowledge of the program with an emphasis on practical application and preparing for Master studies. Last year, 29 candidates were registered for the study and received 8 of them.

[* Http://www.sxc­.hu/pic/m/s/sp/spe­kulator/648070_em­c2.jpg. (Physics Branch provides general physical education (photo: stock.xchng) <], *** * Physics Branch provides general physical education (Photo: stock.xchng) *

The Applied Physics degree program also included three disciplines. Astrophysics ** ** Graduates can find their place in the applied state and departmental research. Their specialization is ideal to demonstrate and popularize the observatories and planetariums and astronomical observation to pursue and collect astronomical data. Last year it was on the field of 44 candidates registered, of which 14 accepted to study Science. With regard to the established industry practice of physical discipline ** Faculty of Physics and Management **. Counts is that modern manufacturing facilities will more resemble the physics laboratories, and therefore its students a broad view of topics in physics, so that they knew how to make effective use of graduates in business practice and the design and construction of physical devices and the implementation of patents. Last year, out of 21 applicants accepted to study fifth ** ** Medical Physics focuses primarily on the use of physical principles in therapeutic and diagnostic methods. Graduates can only apply to study in medical practice, but also in research. A study in the last year registered 19 candidates and 5 of them actually entered the.

For all undergraduate courses, students are receiving the results of the Learning Potential Test. In combined form are not offered only and management of Physics and Physics Education.

FIELDS master's program Under the auspices of the Faculty of Science takes place several master's courses. Biophysics ** ** In addition to improving the foundations of physics comes to the issue of the properties and behavior of living systems. It is possible to specialize in one of two directions – Molecular Biophysics (theoretical – methods, problems and relationships) and Applied Biophysics (practical use in medicine). In the field of subjects ** ** Condensed Matter Physics, students meet with the structure of crystals of metals, semiconductors and insulators with defects and impurities in them and the study of semiconducting and superconducting materials. ** ** Plasma Physics introduces students to the theory and diagnosis, as well as a vacuum, and microwave circuit technology. ** Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics ** combine knowledge of quantum theory and behavior problems of celestial bodies. The range complements the master objects pedagogically oriented field ** Teacher Training in Physics for Secondary Schools **.

The master study leads the way through the branch entrance exam in physics. Those tenderers may be forgiven if the graduate equivalent bachelor program. They are in fact within the Faculty with a master's study linked. The form can be combined to study all of these fields outside teaching Teaching of physics for secondary schools.

Detailed information on the „site of the Faculty“: =… and „MU“:

Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Sciences Humanities

FIELDS bachelor's degree In Liberec, you can study for a bachelor's degree two fields. The first is pedagogically oriented ** Physics Education ** focusing on the fundamentals of individual lines of physics, which is advertised as a two-subject study, combined with some other branch of the Specialization in Pedagogy. In this field you can get without entrance exams, and one of two conditions – either the candidate must have an average mark of high school more than 1.5, or be general study of the test assumptions SCIO reach at least 55th percentile Other candidates are ranked according to the average benefit in high school.

Applied Physics ** ** – The second branch from the menu – it combines the foundations of modern physics and mathematics from physical principles of the various production processes and technologies. The study is linked with the scientific practice of faculty and directs listeners to the work of technologists and technicians. They also come from the 2nd Motivational year scholarship.

The study of both fields is carried out in full form.

[* Http://www.sxc­.hu/pic/m/b/ba/bar­laci/1231339_m­easuring_elec­tricity.jpg. (Master's study deepens the theoretical and experimental knowledge (photo: stock.xchng)>] * *** Master's study deepens the theoretical and experimental knowledge (photo: stock.xchng) * FIELDS master's program On both previous fields follow the appropriate fields in the higher level of study. What the teacher education can be studied either in the program ** Teacher elementary school or program ** ** Teacher High School **. It is a two-year full-time study, the application form must be accompanied by medical certificate. Studying full-field Applied Physics ** ** further deepens the knowledge gained in undergraduate study with potential use of students in technical departments of industrial and construction enterprises. Candidates held oral interview in which their skills are tested and discussed projects, thesis and dissertations.

For more information, visit the „web of the faculty“:…imaci-rizeni.

University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice, Faculty of Science FIELDS bachelor's degree University of South Bohemia has three physical fields. General Physics ** ** field is designed for the core subjects and basic physical exercises with the possibility of extending the special skills. Students gradually divided into two approaches – the biophysics and applied physics material. Although graduates may apply as technicians in practice, but their profile corresponds better to continue in the next stage of study. Physical, chemical and biochemical processes in the biosphere on the molecular and sub-molecular level deals with the study of biophysics **. ** Branch is also designed more as a preparation for master's degree studies. Traditional menu is part of physics education, which is in the Czech Budejovice, as in other cities studied Archeology. The best choice for graduates is to continue further follow-up Master's study. Applicants are admitted without entrance examinations.

FIELDS master's program At a higher level of study, students can continue in two fields. Biophysics, post-bachelor's pre­decessor, deepening the theoretical and experimental knowledge and prepares students for research and practical application of knowledge in biological, biotechnological, environmental and medical devices. Another option is to study the teaching of Physics for Secondary Schools, which focuses largely on teaching physical objects, pedagogy and psychology. Graduates of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia in diameter to 2.3 will be admitted to study without entrance examinations. All other professional, and held the test of English oral exam, including discussion of the bachelor thesis student. On each of the fields is accepted 10 students.

For more information, see „here“:…y/balicky55/.

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