Student loans passed by Parliament. We will pay the school fees? Added:6.6. 2010
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Student loans passed by Parliament. We will pay the school fees?

Design of student loans, grants and savings presented by the Minister of Education Miroslava Kopicova approved by the government. Its primary aim is to relieve the family pocketbook and make the students less dependent on the supply of money from their fathers and mothers. The system is based on three pillars.

The first of them – save for the study will be designed like today, building society, his parents had their offspring will be able to post immediately after their birth. The so-called. grants amounted to 967 crowns a month, already the parents caring for a dependent child is deducted from taxes. Daughter or son, who enters the high school will receive that amount from the state directly to their accounts. Grants, however, would have to happen back when school finishes. The last pillar of the loan. They would authorize students to borrow up to 54,000 crowns per annum with repayment after graduation.

Approved system of financial support for students is not originally intended to finance tuition. However, it can adjust for that purpose. Representatives of the ODS, TOP09 and governance, which is likely to create a coalition government, in fact agreed that the fees could be introduced from 2013. Not apply to any current college students, but only those who the new board and students would begin to cover it up when you successfully complete a study and find a job.

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