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VSB-TU Ostrava: vavemobil Nosovice Added:8.6. 2010
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VSB-TU Ostrava: vavemobil Nosovice

Press news

Test range and operational measurement of electric Kaipan Voltage The standard electric range exceeded 100km. Record VAVeMOBIL team's success – 107,320 km per battery charge.

** Doc.Ing.Bohumil Horak, Ph.D **.

Department of Measurement and Control

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

November 17, 15, 708 33 Ostrava – Poruba Tel., Fax: +420597323138, E-Mail: @ bohumil.horak vsb­.cz

Since 2009, on the grounds of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava developed electric drive unit Kaipan. This highly sophisticated research and development builds on years of experience in electric drives and alternative energy sources and for the years 2009–2012 is implemented with the help of public funds support the agency MIT project codenamed HINT HINT FR TI1/223 VAVEMOBIL. The solution involved a commercial project partners as and ISOTRA Kaipan. Outputs solved research and development are incorporated into the technological unit prototype zero Kaipan Voltage to which they are carried out tests and operational measurements. Proven design elements are then finalized and implemented as prototypes of class „A“. Vehicles Kaipan Voltage, charging infrastructure, and drive units can be seen among others at this year's Motor Show in Frankfurt Frakfurtu.

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Almost at the foot of Bald Mountain, on the verge of Beskydy, in the industrial zone Nosovice held Saturday, June 5, 2010 in the operational test and measurement standard roll out electric Kaipan Voltage. The vehicle is equipped with a pair of asynchronous motors that power through one-step double gear wheel front axle separately. Electrical energy is stored in the vehicle LiFe batteries with voltage 350V and a capacity of 40Ah.

This year's operational measurements topped operational tests on public roads in different operating modes were implemented VAVeMOBIL team to verify the parameters of the vehicle before participating in the renowned competition ELECTRICMOTION. Measurement and tests have shown car 107,350 km range per charge with a maximum speed of 61.9 km / h and an average driving speed 44.3 km / h.

When carried out tests and measurements with parameters as vehicle capacity, driving speed and the range on one charge and without mezinabíjení fully satisfy all the rules of the competition. At the same time their parameters fully complies with all rules and regulations for operation on public roads. It can be stated that the team is in all respects ready for competition. It is detrimental that the main organizer, the unpreparedness of the reasons most teams that moved the date of the meeting in September 2010 and it „erased“ competitive advantage VAVeMOBIL team to gain the main prize 1.000.000,–CZK.

The project team will continue to implement the project while in a vehicle Kaipan Voltage preparation for participation in competitions ELECTRICMOTION Shell Eco Marathon and the 2011th

It is assumed that these vehicles and not only with them, especially for suburban traffic, we will in the near future to meet more frequently.

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