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Study of the parent: 5 tips on how to handle it Added:23.6. 2010
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Study of the parent: 5 tips on how to handle it

** Breastfeeding, repackage, play – or write a seminar paper and learn for the exam? Modern women supposedly can handle more things at once. How they manage to combine studying with caring for babies? **

„I'm studying at the parent.“ This sentence does not necessarily reflect the same situation. We are going to generally capture the main difficulties and benefits students who are still at home, „second shift“ – that is, baby. Even among them, but they are individual differences that depend on the specific situation **. ** It is different, if your mom just needs to follow through to the end of the year and do the final exam, or it still has several years of study. There is a difference, whether it is a fresh maturantku that still does not know what to expect college mode, or it's a „veteran“ college student bound for doctoral studies. And finally, no matter how old the baby at home: care is different for teenagers, school children, whose mother wants to finish the title after years, or with small babies, which should be in the family found themselves „suddenly“.

That evening === === School … The student's mother must come to terms with the fact that the conditions are never ideal and ** never enough time **. It might seem an advantage when the baby is still small and a lot of sleeping newborn mothers but are very tired, sleepy and care are still learning. At school it is not even thought of. The older the child is, the more attention it requires. Students at the parent must therefore accept that the learning they will be left up to several hours a day ** **, probably in the evening, after completing all domestic duties. As long as work does not come from the husband or partner, who also deserves attention. For such „night time“ requires great motivation **. ** For some moms it can be fun or a better prospect of paid work. Another need that is the study of fun and brings them joy. Further studies need to want to give up just before the end, or you want to prove themselves that they have something more than „just“ high school diploma. It is essential that such efforts women have always supported ** ** surroundings, whether it is an understanding partner or grandmother, listening service that, when it is necessary to arrive at the exam.

Double work and little money

But what can be a real challenge students on maternity leave, financial situation **. ** Mother-students is from 1 January 2009 are not eligible for PPM (maternity benefits, which receives six to eight weeks before the expected birth), if you never worked. School for them anymore. The first money from the state so students will see the birth (single dose making currently CZK 13 000), perhaps not earlier than one month after birth. Women without the PPM also automatically ask for the lowest dose ** RD ** (parental leave, improperly „maternity leave“), a four-year option. Receiving house but fundamentally restricts the child „defer“ to kindergarten. Thus, if eg both parents are still studying, not about being financially really pink. While in Germany studying mothers with counts and high schools have to be nannies and baby corners in the Czech Republic is still stray image path: ** career first, then family **. How are Czech universities with facilities for children, you can also read „here“:…kych-skolach.

Motherhood itself is already quite demanding field

Do not Lose === === goals and enthusiasm How does it do to reconcile parenthood with the study and neodbývat neither?

** 1) ** The best solution is definitely ** ** distance learning, preferably at home. Although more work is required at home, but mum does not deal with attendance at lectures. A possible alternative is the ** ** individual study plan, the conditions at individual schools, but very different. You can read more in „this article“:…tudijni-plan. But certainly no sense prematurely lose his head. Even teachers are only human and certainly with them can get along.

** 2) ** complication may be that mothers are losing contact with the school. When full-time study is not a problem to ask for details of the teacher in person, or drop in for a study unit. Students are motivated enough to work it by each day to attend school and library are always at hand. Students from home should rather rely on willpower and ** Mode **. Reserve some time just to learn, have secured a reliable monitoring necessary for most cases and contact some other student who could provide current information.

** 3) ** Students on maternity soon discover that their biggest helper is your own computer with internet access ** **. Writing seminar papers, sending emails and searching electronic texts will probably be part of their everyday lives.

** 4) ** Students mothers must also accept that from time to time appear guilty, that neither the family nor the school can not pay attention it would have liked. It is perfectly normal. It must learn that everything does not do ** 100% ** that everyone can afford to be occasionally imperfect. Cleaning the apartment and wait for the next day, returned the work can be repaired.

** 5) ** Even though it may look, study the parent is not just about hard work and setbacks. Try to find it ** and ** it positive! From the perspective of mothers appreciate that you will not lose contact with the surroundings and you will still be forced to train your brain. At the same time working on his future. It is always better to try than to regret lost opportunities later. From the perspective of the students in turn have the advantage of life experience and the most beautiful distraction from the responsibilities of school!

** Tip ** Feel free to search and contact (eg through social networks) mothers who are in a similar situation and share with them the experience!

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